Doctors and Experts give Reasons for a Vegetarian Diet – 1 Oct 09


In a newspaper I read very positive news: all over the world more and more people become vegetarian and understand why and in which way it is good for them. Already in the 70’s some people founded a society for vegetarians. Since that time they have been telling people about the benefits of vegetarianism and do scientific studies about it. And I also found out that the 1st October is the ‘world vegetarian day’. The article quoted some opinions of doctors and a doctor who is specialized in nutrition said that in vegetarian food there is lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals and water. Normally you wouldn’t get fat with vegetarian food and in comparison to non-vegetarian food it has very little cholesterol and fat which is of course good for your heart.

Another doctor’s statement was that the antioxidants found in vegetarian food can save you from cancer. And a third doctor said that the way that many people cook and eat meat damages the cardiovascular system, increases blood pressure and invites heart diseases.

There was one more report telling that an international team of researches proved that non-vegetarian food also affects human psychologically. Their research proved that a violent behavior of people is directly related to eating meat. Meat-eaters tend to have less patience, lose their temper easily and become violent very quickly for no real reasons. Especially in youth this harming nature is developed.

So you see, these are many reasons mentioned for becoming a vegetarian. At the end of the news that I read they wrote that this society started in America and is now working in Europe and wants to spread this knowledge all over the world. I heartily appreciate their work and the work of every person and organization who support vegetarianism in the world.

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  1. yes, I agree 🙂 I do not eat meat neither fish anymore….also the animals are fed with antibiotics and hormones, acting inside OUR bodies….thats why so many bodies do not react on antibiotics anymore. Hhuman’s body is not made to eat meat, i.e. teeth and digesting system. We are plant

  2. A humans intestinal tract is similar to a monkeys, long, designed for slow digestion, whereas a carnivore;s is shortto expel the waste matter much quicker, so if a human eats meat, it takes a lot longer to work its way through the system,and there is no guarentee that all the corpse is excreted,so trace elements of rotting flesh cling to the intestinal walls.Now. where’s the juicer?