Two Bread-Earners for eleven Family Members – Our School Children – 2 Oct 15


I would like to introduce you to a boy and his family today. His name is Ghanshyam, he is six years old and the eldest of three children.

Ghanshyam’s father is a labourer, daily looking for work under a contractor, at a construction site or bringing construction material from shops to those sites. He does not find work every day, which is why the family never exactly knows how much money they will have each month.

The amount of mouths to feed however are not few! Ghanshyam’s father and grandfather are the two bread-earners of the house. Ghanshyam’s grandmother had seven children: two sons and five daughters. Three of these daughters are married and out of the house but the remaining two daughters still live with them. One son died in an accident and his wife due to a disease. Their two children also live with them. And then of course there are Ghanshyam’s parents and their three children. Everyone needs food and clothes and of course there are all the other necessary items of the house as well.

That’s how the family came to us and admitted their eldest son at our school. Ghanshyam has previously been to another school but that seemed like a big regular cost to them and when they heard of our school, they thought to try their luck!

You can imagine that they are more than happy that we now teach Ghanshyam at our school completely for free. And Ghanshyam is happy as well – he enjoys the lessons, has made many friends and is a very jolly boy!

You can support us helping children like Ghanshyam! Sponsor a child or the food for a day for our school children!

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