Meeting Former Disciples – Not a Guru anymore – 21 Mar 09


I had some visitors here who are very rich people and who formerly were my disciples before my time in the cave, when I was living the life of a guru. They phoned and found out that I am here at the Ashram at the moment, so they came to visit. I only sometimes have this kind of visit because I have no contact with anybody from that time and when I started travelling out of India, the contact got lost with the time.

They still had the memory of me of when I met them the last time and they were very amazed when I told how the cave has changed my life, that I do not see myself as a guru or master anymore and that I do not make any disciples anymore. In that period of my life they were also organizers of my program and they asked me if I did any preaching here and I said no.

I told them that recently somebody was here who gave a proposal. They wanted to organize my program for nine days as I was used to do. They had a budget of five million Rupees. I have to say that in my earlier life fifteen people were travelling with me and the organizers needed a lot of money to organize for us. Here organizers like to show off their money and attract gurus in this way.

I am very happy and feel good that I can say that I do not feel attracted by money. I know many people and especially preachers here who are fascinated by money but I cannot imagine now anymore to live the kind of live that I have been living before 1997. I politely refused this proposal and I said sorry, I don’t do this anymore.

My visitors were also very amazed when they heard that I do not even go to a temple anymore. Vrindavan is a spiritual town and there are so many pilgrims but I do not go to any temple. It is not like this that I cannot go to a temple and swore not to but I just do not need to go to a temple for worshipping. I told them that here is my temple, these children are my God and love is my religion.

Today's food was sponsored by my friend Reinfried from Austria. Thank you! You can click here to see pictures of the lunch. 

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