What an unreligious Ashram replies to religious Inquiries – 11 Feb 15


I told you yesterday about the way that our Ashram, too, has changed with the changes in me and my family. It has become an unreligious Ashram which people enjoy especially then, if they are not looking for gurus, worship or religion. That doesn't mean however that we don’t get inquiries of such people! What do we tell them?

If you don't have time to read any further, I can tell you the answer in just one sentence: we tell them not to come. I would like to elaborate on this a bit however.

When we get an inquiry, we already see and read a lot about this person from in between the lines. It becomes quite easily clear when a person is not really the right one for us: the language, way of writing and even the name of people often tells that they are religious, and very much so. Certain sects use special names and addresses for other people, including us.

Usually, we simply refuse politely. Not only for our own peace of mind but also for their own sake. We know already that they won’t enjoy their time here! They just won't feel good here and they won't have the experiences which they are looking for!

In our ashram we simply don't have this atmosphere of constant chanting and ceremonies. There are no holy men and no philosophical wisdom is shared that you are encouraged to meditate on.

What these people believe is important in life is something that we don't believe in. And something that we don't provide, which is why they will be unsatisfied if they come here!

On top of that, they just cannot do anything else but tell others about their religiosity, trying to sell their own belief to others as well. Often, these others don't want this and if they are our guests, it just creates unquiet situations among everyone.

So why would we ask them to come? Why would we create a situation of unhappiness? No, we very nicely refuse. Mostly, people understand – and I believe it is the most honest way.

May they stay among themselves and we others stay among ourselves! 🙂

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