14 Types of People who are Always Welcome at the Ashram – 19 Nov 10


I yesterday wrote about people whom we would not like to welcome due to experiences that we made. We have however many beautiful experiences, too, with people of a lot of different countries and cultures and who came with different ideas to the Ashram. Here you will find a list of those people who enjoyed here and with whom we enjoyed their time here, too. In this way I want to give an open invitation to everybody who finds himself in this list to come and have a good time with us.

We would love to welcome you here

– If you are looking for something different than a hotel or guest house.

– If you want to experience family environment, a loving way of living together.

– If you are interested in our charity projects, want to get to know the children of our school, understand what their life is like and in which way our school helps them to have better chances for their future.

– If you want to practice and get to know real and original yoga without any label or tradition. In our retreats and Yoga Teacher Training you learn and practice simply pure yoga and of course in the normal Ashram life you see how yoga lifestyle can be integrated in daily life.

– If you want to receive daily oil massages, Panchakarma treatments, a diet according to your body type and more Ayurveda treatments. Our Ayurveda Yoga Holiday offers all of this plus the experience of being in the Ashram.

– If you bring a group to India to do yoga or other activities. If you have a yoga or wellness center and want to give your students a special experience of a week or two in India, the Ashram offers you all facilities you need.

– If you want to have a holiday simply doing nothing. Just relax, become a watcher and do absolutely nothing.

– If you want to taste great Ayurvedic food that is not hot.

– If you want to get to know yourself better without anybody telling you what to do for this. At the Ashram you can make a deep spiritual experience without the restricting rules and pre-written paths of religions and traditions. Go into yourself and find love there!

– If you wish to experience the energy of the cave in which I spent more than three years in meditation. You can sit there, do meditation yourself and just feel. It is a place of silence and going inside.

– If you love children and want to play and enjoy with them.

– If you want to meet lovely and like-minded people from all over the world.

– If you need an oasis of love, peace and safety in the craziness of Indian cities, traffic and street-life.

– If you want to support poor children through your stay in India. Make a difference simply by being here.

If you see yourself in the points above, we can guarantee that you will fall in love with the Ashram! See you on your next trip to India!


  1. Iris Wellhausen

    I find myself in different categories…. lovely diary entry!

  2. Mareike

    I agree… a lovely diary entry, this is way better (or at least more positive) than the one yesterday =)

  3. John

    Sounds perfect to me. I would like to visit you and stay for while on my next trip to India! I’ll be there next March. I’ll contact you as soon as I know… Have a lovely day!

  4. Tomas

    Thank you for the unforgettable experience I had while reading your invitation. Pale day unexpectedly bloomed and I was overfilled with the divine peace. I have no chance to come to India, yet I visualize myself amidst you and that enables me to move further with the smile of gratitude. Your list depicted the dream and your approach to life grow into visual inspiration out of itself. Thank you once again and welcome to Art by Tomas

  5. Swami Balendu

    Dear Tomas, thank you for your love. I see you are from Lithuania. I was there in 2008. Don’t worry if you cannot come here, maybe I will come sometime and bring a little bit Ashram there for you.Love!

  6. Manoj

    Very happy to read 🙂 a very pleasant place indeed. Please let me know if you have any vacancies @ ashram. I would like to earn my living at ashram.

  7. Ramona

    Dear Manoj, Thank you for your message but just want to inform you that we all work for charity here, not for money. We do not take a salary. So no earning here.

  8. Saundra

    I stayed at the ashram in 2007, maybe you guys don’t even remember me but I remember you, and it was a very peaceful and loving environment. I learned so much about myself just by the silence and peace I was afforded there. I’ve been recommending you to traveling friends for years. God bless!

  9. Candice Gentry

    I am pitta-vata with a huge kapha imbalance, do you have specific food for this constitution? I’m so curious to know. How long do people normally stay? Is it possible to get instruction from you long-distance?

  10. Emily

    I love this list! It is all-encompassing, non-judgmental, free, and full of love (just like the philosophy here at the ashram!). For me, I have enjoyed the ability to have solitude and also company. I process a lot when I am alone and have been journaling a ton and reading too! I think I will enjoy some more time in the cave in the next few days. 😀 Jaisiyaram!!

  11. Pankaj

    this is awesome. i’m so glad I was drawn to your site and will be visiting in March for the Himalayan Journey. many sincere thanksPankaj

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