Cabbage and Potatoes – Ayurvedic Vegetarian Recipes – 13 Sep 10


I have heard from several sides that people enjoy it when I write a vegetarian recipe from time to time. People like to experiment themselves a bit and cook delicious Ayurvedic dishes with some Indian taste. This is how I will write today the recipe for another very nice vegetarian dish:

Cabbage with Potatoes

An easy vegetarian and Ayurvedic dish with Cabbage and Potatoes



  1. Christine Koen

    Thank you for sharing your recipe with the world. I will give this to my friend and i am sure she will enjoy it very much. Great Blessings to you personally and for the work you are doing, especially with the floods you are experiencing.

  2. Clara E.

    Thanks for the great recipe. I have eaten a lot of cabbage and potatoes in my time and this was a unique and tasty way to make things interesting!

  3. Van Hamilton

    I doubled the cabbage in this recipe and took out the potatoes and then added 2 cups of diced padron peppers which I sauteed in butter until browning and then mixed with the prepared dish. It was really good but I would like to try it with potatoes as well.

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