Do I Support only one Child with my Sponsorship? – 8 Apr 09


Yesterday I said that you can be the sponsor for one child but you can say that this sponsorship supports us in helping the child. This also means that if a sponsor discontinues a sponsorship the child can still go to school and keep on learning for his future.

These children are from very poor families and many of their fathers just work wherever they can find work. So if it is necessary they also move from town to town. For our school this means that many children do not stay and continue all classes. Instead, many of them come for one year, maybe even less and they do not always finish the school year. And this is how the list of children who are currently at our school changes often. And in this way it can also happen that sponsored children move and we look for other children for their sponsors. We tell the sponsor that this child left our school and I would like people to understand that this is because of their family situation. They are not all settled here in Vrindavan.

But again I want to say that all children are same. They all are lovely and need our support. With your sponsorship you give them the possibility to learn and then some day they maybe can have a proper home and family and they will be more stable in their life. It is my wish that they learn whatever is possible in the time that they are at our school and I thank all sponsors for the help that they provide!

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  1. I love that you can look at the children’s pictures and see information about them. But I don’t mind who I sponsor! I just picked the first one my mouse hit. It all goes to the same place and they all have similar needs.