Spirituality is Fun! – 1 Oct 08


The students of the yoga teacher training also participated in the ceremony the day before yesterday as well as Ramona who was there to represent someone. After the ceremony Ramona said that the students might not have expected this atmosphere. The ceremony was different from religious service in the west. It was light and it was fun, in the end the pandits started singing and clapping their hands.

I also got a mail from Roger who compared the ceremony to the celebration of All Soul’s Day. He told how people go to the cemeteries to see the graves of their relatives but how they do not know why they are really there. They go just because of the tradition that you should go to the cemetery on that day. In the ceremony that we performed we remembered the ones who are not around us anymore but we are also happy to pray for these souls.

Today in the morning the yoga students joined the Sanskrit class which Yashendu translated for them. Daily nearly 250 students sit there and listen to the Sanskrit teacher. The students realized why it is so popular: the teaching is in a light atmosphere, there are jokes and small stories which make it interesting. This spirituality is not heavy or boring. Young people often turn away from religion and spirituality because it is presented as very serious. If you think of the father entering the church or the priest holding his speech, spirituality does not seem to be fun.

Spirituality doesn’t need to be that serious. This is why we talk about our Chakra Dance Party as absolutely non-serious spirituality. It is fun and you do something for body, mind and soul. We should enjoy everything we do. We need to have fun and should not do anything that makes our mind heavy. Even if you do something serious, you should feel the joy about it in your heart. You can remember those whom you loved and go to the cemetery if you wish but you should feel good after that, happy that you were there. This is real spirituality.


  1. Harry

    Light and fun is a good way to go!

  2. Greg

    I agree completely! Some of my friends claim I have less fun because I’m spiritual, bu I have true freedom in me and that allows me an even more pure high than I ever experienced before.

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