Helpfulness in the USA – 27 Sep 09


Of course our trip to America is a long topic to talk about so when we were sitting at the dinner table we were talking about it. One good thing that I saw in America is that people generally like to do something for society or for others. They like to give their hand to others and to do charity. There are many social workers and many people like to donate their time, not only money, for helping those in need. I

have experienced this personally, too. People supported and still support our projects and I am thankful for that. It seems like this is rooted and a part of this culture. It is a very young culture, only about 200 years old, but it is beautiful to see that they have much compassion.

In this way I feel that it is somehow close to India. In India people like to help, with food or offering something and just by greeting on the street. In America you are also greeted friendly on the street. This I sometimes miss here in Europe because people feel you want something from them if you just smile at them on the street. People walk past each other while looking to the other side or to the floor.

And Thomas and Iris said that their stay in the USA helped them to open again more and they started greeting others again with a friendly smile while walking in the park or in the city. And it is true, you don’t have to move in and live together with the person who daily walks in the same park. Greeting doesn’t hurt you and smiling doesn’t take anything from you. On the contrary: Smiling and getting a smile back makes you happy! Share with others, it will not only help them, it will be great for you, too!

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