Make a Change – Give Respect! – 30 Nov 08


Yesterday I wrote a bit about the different generations and how the younger generation is often blamed that they don’t have respect for older people. As yesterday I want to say that it is not alone their responsibility but I want to give a message to the younger generation: You are the ones who can change it. Yes, you have got this example from your parents that with a distance between you everybody can keep his freedom.

But maybe they also learned it from their parents. If you give the same example to your children, if you act in the same way, then some day you will accuse your children in the same way. So please break this cycle. Act differently, be respectful and take your responsibilities for the older and the younger. You should have respect even if there is no good example for a relation with a lot of feelings. You can have these feelings, develop the love and live in respect with elder people. Then the next generation will be different. There is no need to talk about having your freedom and no need to create the distance. Human is social and nobody really wants to be alone even if it is claimed so often. But you, your parents and your children, you can make a change.

Today will be a day of travelling again. We will start from Wiesbaden now and go to Cologne by train where Roger and Mady will pick us up. We will spend some time with them before we will join the Yoga teacher training which Yashendu held during the weekend. There I will give a lecture and right after that Ramona and I will start with one of the students who will then drop us in Lüneburg at Michael’s house. It is a long trip but it is nice to go from a friend’s house in the morning and to arrive in another friend’s house in the evening.

8 Replies to “Make a Change – Give Respect! – 30 Nov 08”

  1. I’m not sure what respect means. I didn’t grow up learning respect for anyone in particular. I’m not sure at all the respect is necessary. Not in itself. It is setting someone apart as higher and treating them differently and taking the meaning of their words more to heart than others. I don’t know.I never learned respect but there are people I respect naturally- those who seem intelligent and wise and loving. If you only focus on making love perfect without fear and ego, won’t respect come naturally? is it worth worrying about respect when all discrepencies could be solved by the lone principle of love?

  2. Namera,
    It is not as simple as saying we should all just love. If you say in all discussions “what use is discussing this, we should just love” then nothing will ever be discussed. no subject would ever be broached. Saying “just love” is so easy, but I fail to see how it can replace valuable things such as pursuing respect and honor and goodness.

  3. Rebekah:How can you be in a state of love with respect and honor and goodness being present there?
    I don’t mean that those attributes should be ignored, I just mean that if you find pursue love then the other things sort themselves out.

  4. I agree that love is an ultimate, but you find your love by learning respect and goodness and honesty. These are things you learn in order to get to love, not the other way around.

  5. Rebekah,You sound like a very loving person. I happen to think differently than you, but hopefully we both reach the state that seems to be most important to both of us. Once we get there, we’ll be in the same place.

  6. I’m an American who doesn’t entirely understand the way you are referencing the concept of “freedom” in the American household. And it makes me curious about what you have seen and what other people have described to you as their experience. When I moved away from my parents home it was very sad, but they did not leave my heart and I did not leave theirs’ and we talked often. The reason I left was to follow my own path (Is this type of independence what freedom refers to?). My parents were very sad and very happy that I left to move onto something more appropriately healthy for me than what I could have done where they were living. They did not move with me because they were doing what they loved where they were. And I was off to do what I loved. But it all happened to be in different places. I learned a lot from the loss of their physical proximity.

  7. The concept of responsibility to one another has often been an affective teacher for me. This word describes what happens or the actions that are taken when someone is full of love. And at the same time I have noticed in myself that it can be a very harmful concept when only experienced on the level of the mind. I am able to share love when I feel free of the concept of responsibility. Believing in the concept has in the past trapped me in strange situations (or I felt trapped) where I felt obligated to do things that would harm me or be unhealthy because they were also social responsibilities. And even then I learned. In my experience there is very little that can be said about the general value of a concept and for me the formation of an opinion can close me off to god. Because people find different ways to awareness and because words so insufficiently describe what they intend, what I have said could be wrong for everyone. Its just a funny thing. And I feel peace not knowing what to think about it.

  8. I do hope that this trend in Western society changes for the better. The elderly have so much wisdom and knowledge to give. We can’t forget that they gave us life and opportunity, just as we provide for the next generation. They deserve our love as they age and prepare to leave the planet. We should honor that.