Our Ashram in India – a Place for Love – 17 Mar 09


Everybody feels attracted by love. Love has this energy to attract people and if you know a person who has much love for himself and the world around him you will feel well with that person. The same is true for places, too. And this is how our Ashram, a place full of love, attracts people who feel well, safe and comfortable when they are here.

And today two girls were attracted by this atmosphere and while walking in Vrindavan saw our Ashram and came in. They are from New York and only visited Vrindavan for one day. So they spent the afternoon with us here and had dinner at the Ashram, too. The love of this place attracts and we are always happy when lovely people come to visit.

Another lovely person had birthday today: our dear friend Iris. She also sponsored food for the children and we celebrated for her here. We wish you a very happy birthday!
Click here to see pictures of today’s food for a day


  1. Gia

    Yes, all the love is infecting! I’m glad that loving and lovely people have been drawn to the ashram… it’s more fun that way! After reading about the ashram on the website, it became very clear what the goal of this place is: our destiny is love and love is the way! 😀

  2. Mirela

    The ashram is not only a place for love. It is also a place for freedom, peace and relaxation. You can do here whatever you want, you can be who you are and enjoy your surrounding and you don’t have to follow any rules. Isn’t that great? 😉

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