Comparing European and American Basic Attitude – 26 Sep 09


The flight back to Germany was very smooth and we were welcomed back here by Thomas and Iris. Of course we talked about our time in the USA and in this way also compared a little bit the experiences with the culture and with people here in Europe and there in America.

I already said that I liked it very much in the states that people are generally happier. They are more friendly and seem to take things more easy than people do here in Germany. Here I often feel that people tend to be negative and like to show that they are not well and that something is wrong in some part of their life.

I have spent more time in Europe than in the USA, so my experience for America is based on the last three months there. And in that time I felt very often that people are very positive. Even though they, too, are in a financial crisis and have health problems and many more difficulties, they get up in the morning and are happy. They have a positive attitude and they show it to their surrounding. This helps of course and feels nice.

Now I smell the food that Thomas, Iris and Yashendu are preparing in the kitchen and I remember that if I compare the food quality here and in the US, I have to say that I like it more in Europe. Vegetables are fresher, in packed things there are often not that many artificial ingredients and they don’t use sugar in everything. But of course, we also cooked our own food in America so we had delicious meals there, too. And now I am hungry and will go to have dinner. We are also very tired after the flight so we will go to bed soon today.

3 Replies to “Comparing European and American Basic Attitude – 26 Sep 09”

  1. Happy, safe, travels precious friend Swami Ji … you were no where ‘near’ Colorado, but having you on the same continent was powerful! … i was concerned about your sensitivity toward the pervasive negative energy of the States, although there are also overwhelmingly lovely people here too … I’m glad you had a nice time and I feel happy to have… See More made an adquaintance of you (digitally ha!) while you were here … travelling is demanding energetically, and it will be good that you can soon return to your home … peaceful, joyful love to you, jolly Swami … xoxo

  2. I think this is true about the American mindset. I was discussing this with Marina, a Russian girl here at the ashram. I was telling her that in America, there is freedom to do and be whoever you want! Even if you were raised poor, uneducated, and a minority, it is the land where you are free become anything you set your mind to…anything is possible. This attitude of hopefulness and possibility is a big influence on the optimism in the U.S. I’m proud of it!