Growing up on Construction Sites – Our School Children – 5 Dec 14


Today I want to introduce you once more to a child of our school: Shivkumar, seven years old and in the first class.

We actually met Shivkumar when we visited Poonam, Nikhil and Pushpa. Their families live in the same house. It is a small house that only has three rooms and a small common courtyard with a shower. So they really live together, as if they were related – on small space and with very little privacy. This closeness also has advantages though: Shivkumar’s parents got to know about our school and also heard on time that admissions were open.

They came and we, in turn, visited them. Shivkumar’s father and mother are both simple labourers, working on construction sites. They mostly get employed together and thus earn about 95 US-Dollars per month, if they find work. Approximately 25 US-Dollar go for rent, which leaves them with the rest for food, clothing and all other necessary expenses. Previously, one of these expenses was Shivkumar’s school fees, books, uniform and all other things he needed for school. Due to these expenses, they often had difficulties when any unexpected expense occurred!

It is thus necessary that Shivkumar’s mother works as well – even though this means that she has to take her younger son of only three years along to work. He is growing up on construction sites, plays with everything that is lying around, sits in the dust and climbs over bags of cement. When Shivkumar was smaller, he always came along as well. He was raised this way.

We want to make it possible that one day Shivkumar’s children have another fate. That he will have a job that pays well enough for him to afford more for his children! And you can help!

Sponsor a child or the food for a day – and help us supporting children like him!

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