Taking every Job you get – Our School Children – 12 Dec 14


Today’s diary I want to use again to introduce you to children of our school. Today you even get to know three of them: Raksha, Nitin and Anjali.

The three siblings are ten, eight and six years old with Raksha being the oldest, Nitin in the middle and Anjali the youngest. They came to Vrindavan two years ago when their parents joined their grandparents. They left their village behind – they could just not earn enough with farming for paying the expenses of living!

The grandparents of the kids have been in Vrindavan for a while already, working whether they get employment – as helpers, assistants, just anywhere. Their son joined them with this: he has a job as a security guard but accepts work on construction sites as well when off work. If someone offer any other work that he can do, he willingly takes that as well. Raksha’s mother does her own to support the family financially and does simple sewing work.

It also helps that they are living for free on a property that they are taking care of for the owner, who does not need it at the moment.

All of this makes it possible for them not to have financial sorrows every day for food – but they would have a hard time paying regular school fees for three children!

That’s how we have taken all three of them and have been teaching the older two children for nearly two years now – and Anjali since the beginning of this year. They love our school, have lots of friends and are, on top, learning properly as well! The teachers like seeing their efforts and Anjali’s mother tells that the little one is very happy that she can go to school!

It is nice to see that we can help them. If you would like to help them and other needy children, too, you can! Sponsor a child or the food for a day!

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