Keep the Mind out of Sex – it leads to Possessiveness – 2 Apr 09

Yesterday I wrote about sex and I want to say that it is just very natural to have sexual feelings. It is natural for all people who have body and soul. There is too much confusion and too many different teachings about it. Almost all religions and traditions have different ways to talking about sex. I don’t understand why we cannot just accept it in a natural way. Why does it always create so many problems? We involve the mind too much even though it is the subject of body and soul. If we keep the mind out of it we can manage our sexuality in a much better way.

There is another thing that comes along with a sexual relation like interest that you have to pay: possessiveness, a subject of the mind. When the mind is involved in sex, which should not be, then possessiveness comes. If our sexuality was on the level of spirit or soul, possessiveness will not appear. We all know how big this problem of possessiveness is.

Today I am very tired. Maybe I will write more about this in the next days.

4 Replies to “Keep the Mind out of Sex – it leads to Possessiveness – 2 Apr 09”

  1. Possessiveness is something I’ve always struggled with because of fear and lack of self esteem. I have in the past become obsessive and it has been bad for me and ruined my relationships. Right now In am going through a period of intentionally being alone just because of how clouded I get when I am in a relationship. When I begin having relationships again, I hope I’ll be whole enough not to hold on to them.

  2. if there’s one thing that sends me running for the hills it’s someone who wants to sleep over every time we have sex. This overcomplicates everything. Okay we can have a relationship (I’ll treat you well), and we can have sex, but we can’t mix them. things get crazy.

  3. I see what you mean about keeping the mind out of sex. We have over-analyzed it to the point where everything is all mixed up. If we just silenced the thoughts and criticisms about it, I think people would handle their sexuality in a natural and positive way. People wouldn’t feel ashamed or judged for it. People wouldn’t use it to abuse others. People would decide when they are ready and how they want their sexuality to be. It would just be another expression of human passion, exploration, and physical function. This mental complex about sex would be like over-analyzing the way people eat… it doesn’t matter to anyone but that person, so let them do it! We could share a meal together or you could eat a snack alone. We could have Italian food or Indian food. Enjoy it the way you like it and be free!

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