Summer Holidays at the School in India – 19 May 09


This is our last evening here with Michael and Andrea. Tomorrow we will travel to Austria. It was a very nice week here. I am back in Europe now for spring time and I like to travel here in spring because it is already getting very hot in India. On 16th May the summer holidays started in India and I know that the children of our school were already looking forward to six weeks of school-free time. It is the hottest time of the year but they just enjoy playing more with their friends and that they don’t have to go to school. But of course their families are still happy if the children can come to the Ashram for having a warm lunch. And we love to feed them! Click here to help us feeding them by sponsoring the food for a day!

On 1st July at ten o’clock they will all be back at school and start a new year with new classmates. The admissions for the next year already took place and Purnendu told me that until now there are 50 children who are already looking forward to go to school. In the last two weeks of the old year they already had the possibility to sit in their new class and get to know the teachers, their classmates and school life. Some of them are already ten years old and sit in school benches for the first time in their life. Next year will be very exiting for them and I am very happy that we can help them in this way.

Although the time for new admissions is already over, there are still parents who ask Purnendu for a place in school. We want to give a place to each child and hope that this will be possible. I would like to invite you to support our projects with a sponsorship. In this way you help us in giving these children school uniforms, pencils, books and everything that he or she needs. Click here to sponsor a child. There you can also see the new children’s profiles and pictures. We will be happy if you decide to become the sponsor of one or several of them or if you sponsor food for a day for them!

Yesterday I remembered that when we met the first time my friend Andrea asked me: ‘Swami Ji, you love children, you don’t want to have children yourself?’ I replied ‘I don’t think that I could love my child more than any of these children.’ Each of these children is very precious to me and I am very happy that we can help them!

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  1. Children bring so much happiness. I thought I would never have children either but… here I am, fifty years old and a new father. I still can’t believe i spent my life running away from the idea of fatherhood. I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.