Do Not Cheat Yourself – 30 Jan 09

I like to work. In India many people nowadays become preachers or Swamis in a very fast way. They don’t really want to learn or study anything, they want to make money. This is how they look for a shortcut and they find it by just learning some hours of talk by heart which they have heard on a cassette a dozen of times. When they know this text by heart they just go and give this speech. They get their money although nobody of them can answer any question about what they just said.

Somehow I see this also in the west where people, who want to make a living in a quick and easy way, become healer, psychic and clairvoyant. Everybody has to do something in his life to survive, to earn money and to live, I understand that. I don’t understand however why people cheat themselves.

If all the people who do predictions and say that they have extraordinary powers are that much blessed with these powers, then why can’t they help our society in a more creative way? I could have been really very happy if someone could have predicted what happened in Haiti. Then we could have saved so many people and would have saved so many more from much grief and sadness. No, I don’t think it is possible and unfortunately there are still so many people who are cheating others and also themselves in this way.

Healers and their Explanation when their Healing Fails – 1 Dec 09

Yesterday I talked about the fascination for ‘guruism’ that I often see in the west. And it is not only there, here, too, people who have nothing else to do often easily become preacher and then become a guru by finding followers and disciples. If you can do a few magic tricks it will even work faster.

I saw in the west that there are also many people who don’t know what else to do or don’t want to do anything else and then they often have the idea to announce themselves as healers. And they announce that they have extra abilities that normal people do not have. Of course this is something that nobody can prove.

I know also that some healers give strange answers when asked about their healing. If it fails to work and a patient comes and asks, there is always this kind of explanation: healing works with trust and if it didn’t work, you didn’t have enough trust.

Additionally these people are often good talkers who can tell stories about past lives which they can heal and similar things which nobody can know anything sure about. I have written about it before but I believe this is a serious and important topic because people have fear of many things like this.

Please go into your heart, find the love there and then look around you to find reality, no matter what past life was there or which doubts were created about your beliefs. You are you, you have your love, God will take good care of you, in this you can trust.

It is getting more and more cold now, we have again taken out warmer clothes for winter and now the teachers started giving classes outside in the garden, where the sun warms the backs of the students while they are learning.

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Fake Gurus Promising Enlightenment to their Followers – 29 Nov 09

Some days ago I was talking about people here who are called Sadhu, Guru or Swami and who are thought of as spiritual people. I have seen many people who are on the spiritual path and who really devoted their life to do something good for others. They are not interested in collecting money, gold or jewelry.

I today got one mail of someone who said that he is newly enlightened. I have written about this topic before and I said also in that time that people who are really on the path of God would never say themselves that they are enlightened because they don’t even have the ego to say this kind of thing. As soon as you say that you are enlightened you show that you have this ego.

And not only this, these days you can find people who claim that they are God! They might have the argument that only their followers are saying they are God or a Goddess. Their followers call them ‘avatar’ which means incarnation.

Many also like to do magic tricks to prove and strengthen this assumption. Of course they might also be doing good charity work with what they earn but still I believe it is cheating others. It is wrong if you try to prove others with tricks that you have extraordinary powers that no other or no average human person has. Someone on the path of God is not interested in showing off and collecting money in this way.

However these days people who have nothing else to do, it is often an easy thing to become preacher and earn money by telling others that they don’t need material. And people give it to them because they want to receive enlightenment through this. It is a sad thing that this is happening in the name of spirituality and in the name of temples and of preachers.

Gurus Telling you what to Believe – Why this is never right – 9 May 09

While we were having breakfast we had a nice conversation. I said: ‘I don’t understand why anybody would want to convince somebody else that they should believe this or that. In my opinion everybody should believe what they experience and feel. Everybody is unique and everybody has his own consciousness, intelligence and perception and this will suit him and be good for him.

From this point of view nothing is wrong or bad. It is only the perception. Here in Europe you can go into church with your shoes on whereas in India you have to take off shoes outside. With time situations, atmosphere, people, places and the definition of good and bad changes.

But religious teachings and gurus and masters are preaching and telling you what you should believe. This is the concept of gurus, I have written about this before already. It is easy and you don’t need to take responsibility if someone tells you what to believe in.

But if I have a look at my own life I see so many changes. I don’t believe in things anymore which I believed in 15 years ago. Instead of that I believe in things which I did not believe 15 years ago. I had this situation that I believed in something, the next day something happened and then I did not believe this anymore. And maybe after two, five or ten years it will change again and I will believe what my consciousness will tell me then. How can I guarantee this philosophy? So how can I try to force someone to believe what I believe in now? If I say this today and tomorrow my belief changes, how will I say this person to change his belief, too? And if I don’t say that my belief changed it wouldn’t be honest.

I have seen so many preachers who live this dual life with double beliefs. They don’t believe in what they are teaching themselves. And this is the reason why their voice doesn’t touch the people’s heart. It is not coming from their heart and it is not their own truth.

Today we were invited to the birthday dinner of a very nice new friend. He is the director of the school for handicapped children where Thomas is working. He is connected with children and in July he will come and visit the Ashram and the children there. We had a really nice time there and he had prepared wonderful food.

Change has to Start with You! – 6 May 09

A woman was here for a healing session and she told me that she had family problems. We were talking and then I said her: ‘Please do not expect from anybody that they change. We don’t need to do effort for changing others.’ Why do we want to change others? It will not be possible and an unsuccessful attempt to change someone can make you more angry.

It is better if we try to change ourselves. You can actually only change yourself, you cannot take the decision to change for somebody else. And how can you expect a change from others if you cannot change yourself? If you really want to change somebody you will definitely first change yourself, the other one will automatically change with your change.

That is what I also live in my life and that is why I do not claim being a preacher. I do not feel responsible for changing others. Why? In specific situations I feel, if I cannot change myself, how can I expect it from others? And I try to change myself. With my own experience I am sure about this conclusion: when you change yourself, things start changing around you. It works!

Meeting Former Disciples – Not a Guru anymore – 21 Mar 09

I had some visitors here who are very rich people and who formerly were my disciples before my time in the cave, when I was living the life of a guru. They phoned and found out that I am here at the Ashram at the moment, so they came to visit. I only sometimes have this kind of visit because I have no contact with anybody from that time and when I started travelling out of India, the contact got lost with the time.

They still had the memory of me of when I met them the last time and they were very amazed when I told how the cave has changed my life, that I do not see myself as a guru or master anymore and that I do not make any disciples anymore. In that period of my life they were also organizers of my program and they asked me if I did any preaching here and I said no.

I told them that recently somebody was here who gave a proposal. They wanted to organize my program for nine days as I was used to do. They had a budget of five million Rupees. I have to say that in my earlier life fifteen people were travelling with me and the organizers needed a lot of money to organize for us. Here organizers like to show off their money and attract gurus in this way.

I am very happy and feel good that I can say that I do not feel attracted by money. I know many people and especially preachers here who are fascinated by money but I cannot imagine now anymore to live the kind of live that I have been living before 1997. I politely refused this proposal and I said sorry, I don’t do this anymore.

My visitors were also very amazed when they heard that I do not even go to a temple anymore. Vrindavan is a spiritual town and there are so many pilgrims but I do not go to any temple. It is not like this that I cannot go to a temple and swore not to but I just do not need to go to a temple for worshipping. I told them that here is my temple, these children are my God and love is my religion.

Today's food was sponsored by my friend Reinfried from Austria. Thank you! You can click here to see pictures of the lunch.