Tag: Lying Yoga Postures

Vipareet Naukasana - Inverted Boat
Vipareet Naukasana – Inverted Boat
A pose for overall health – reduces belly fat, helps digestion, relieves stress and stimulates ... Read More
Lose extra fat on thighs, hips and the belly with this easy but very effective ... Read More
Supta Vajrasana
Supta Vajrasana
Relieve upper and middle back pain and make your thighs and calves look great! Women ... Read More
Supta Samasthiti - Lying Attention Pose
Supta Samasthiti – Lying Attention Pose
The pose in between two other poses - relaxing but keeping you in full attention ... Read More
Shavasana - Corpse Pose
Shavasana – Corpse Pose
Lie on your mat in complete relaxation, as if you are dead. You don’t move, ... Read More
Pawanmuktasana - Wind Releasing Pose
Pawanmuktasana – Wind Releasing Pose
Suffering from gas stuck in your belly? Do this pose and release them! Stimulate digestion ... Read More
If you really want to build your belly muscles and maybe even create a nice ... Read More
Matsyasana - Fish Posture
Matsyasana – Fish Posture
A Yoga pose which benefits your complete back until your neck, respiratory system and even ... Read More
Janu Gulfasana - Knee to Foot Pose
Janu Gulfasana – Knee to Foot Pose
Twist yourself into this yoga pose to prevent and even cure back pain, sciatica pain, ... Read More
Halasana - Plow Pose
Halasana – Plow Pose
A pose that enhances sexual energy, stretches your complete back muscles, brings your blood flow ... Read More
Gulfangushthasana - Heel to Toes
Gulfangushthasana – Heel to Toes
Stretch your ligaments, calf and feet muscles with this beneficial but very easy yoga asana ... Read More
Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose
Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose
Great pose against constipation, menstruation pain, stress, fatigue and much more! Help your digestion, get ... Read More
Ardha Shalabhasana - Half Locust
Ardha Shalabhasana – Half Locust
Do the half locust not only if you practice for the full one but also ... Read More
Ardha Bhekasana - Half Frog Pose
Ardha Bhekasana – Half Frog Pose
A variation of Bhujangasana with its own special benefits. Stretches legs and arms and stimulates ... Read More
Practice this yoga exercise to tone your legs and make your hips more flexible. Digestion ... Read More
Ananda Balasana - Happy Baby Pose
Ananda Balasana – Happy Baby Pose
Feel just like a baby in this pose and enjoy lying, rolling and feeling the ... Read More