Is your imaginary God happy when Millions of innocent Animals get killed? – 13 Sep 16

Today Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid. It is the most violent celebration in the religious year! Millions of goats get killed on the name of religion in an effort to please god. In this content, I don’t however want to write about being vegetarian or non-vegetarian. People develop their eating habits according to their surrounding and a lot of factors play a role there, too. No, my questions is: why do you kill so many innocent animals for a non-existing god?

I cannot understand which imaginary figure would be pleased by seeing the pain, suffering and death of so many creatures he himself had created! Wouldn’t he be rather angry about it?

Additionally, the concept behind this ritual is complete nonsense, too! You are supposed to sacrifice whatever is dearest to you in order to please god. The background is that Ibrahim, too, was willing to sacrifice even his son when god demanded it of him.

Again, why would your god be happy if you sacrificed whatever is dearest to you? Why would he ask you to kill your son? Why would he make you unhappy?

It is this story which costs millions of goats their lives on this day.

I just think it is good that a goat doesn’t have a god – otherwise they would sacrifice you instead!

Religion is the Root of Terrorism – 11 Sep 16

Today is the day that the whole world will keep in their memory as the day of the biggest terror attack which shook the west and set the tone of politics for the future years. On 11th September 2001, terrorists flew two planes into the two towers of the World Trade Center and one into the Pentagon. A terror attack with nearly three thousand victims.

George W. Bush declared a war on terror some days after – and it never ended until today. Terrorism has grown in the years to come and in many parts of the world, there are wars and conflicts which you can trace back with the root being in the attacks of today, fifteen years back.

Politicians have been very diplomatic in the years after. There has always been talk about terrorists and much too often, talk did not touch the topic of religion! Why? Because nobody wanted to hurt those religious sentiments that I have been telling you about in the past days, too!

In my eyes, you have to say it very clearly: the violence which became evident that day and in attacks after is based on religion, the religion of Islam.

A lot of people say it is not religion but only fanatic minds that do such things. Agreed, it is fanatic minds – but religion is the base of them becoming fanatic! Religion enhances this violence, supports this violence and asks for this violence in the outdated texts that believers HAVE to follow! And I do not limit this to Islam! Of course, there are a lot of fanatics in all religions and that’s how you have terrorism in other religions, too. Religion fuels fanatic ideas and violence in the consequence.

Each time when you say ‘this is not religion’, you actually defend what religion is doing. You increase it further and give energy to those who are ready for violence! Only if you directly talk against it, the source of the problem, will you be able to make a difference and actually fight the cause and the consequences at the same time! It is a fight that was started then and we are still in it today – but talking around the core of the problem won’t help.

The corrupt System of Religion – when Money can get you closer to God! – 10 Sep 16

I yesterday mentioned how money can bring you further in healthcare matters. That is not only a matter with doctors and in hospitals however, it is something you can see in nearly every sector and field of industry! In the religious industry, too!

Yes, the spiritual industry has not remained untouched from business either! Especially here in India, if you are rich and have sufficient funds, your money brings you a better treatment with any spiritual guru! Those religious godmen will grant you an appointment much faster than they would to any ‘regular’ devotee that does not offer any extra notes or coins! You also get closer to that guru if he feels you are worth it. That worth is measured financially however and not, as you may think, in spiritual terms! You just get a much better treatment.

Even temples offer this kind of system: in the so-called ‘place of god’, it is not hidden what is going on: there are printed tickets of different price classes. Those which are more expensive, let you access the holiest of places quicker and you are allowed to get closer to the deity. Ordinary devotees have to wait and see god from far!

So your pocket decides how close you are allowed to get to god. Some kind of skeptical person similar to me once made a joke: if I pay a bit more, maybe I can ask god to come to me instead! Why do I go towards him? He can come to me instead – maybe I have to just pay a bit more. And if I pay much more, he may even come to my house himself, personally. Then I don’t need to go!

Why not? If you can bribe god into forgiving all your sins, why would he not get bribed into coming to a rich devotee’s home?

God and religion – it is anyway all just business!

Ganesha on Cigarettes is fine but on Shoes? Oh no! – 8 Sep 16

Ramona yesterday showed me a photo which an Indian friend sent her on WhatsApp. You can see the pictures above – and the message with the photo was: ‘This company shamelessly uses Ganesh ji on shoes! Let’s stop this and bring them down – as Hindus we can do it!’ This text and picture shows me two things. Number 1: religion once more uses trivial events to create disturbance and violence among people. And number 2: this friend does not know Ramona very well! 🙂

Obviously I would like to write a bit more about point number one. For anyone who may not have understood the point of anger here, I will explain it. Ganesh is the elephant god of Hinduism. Shoes and feet are deemed dirty and impure in India, which is why you never enter a temple or holy space wearing shoes. You also never touch your feet to anything holy. Both would be a big sign of disrespect towards god. Now you can imagine how disrespectful it would be to put god on shoes and then step on them with your feet!

Well, to other people who have nothing to do with Hinduism, a food is a part of the body just like the hand. People keep their feet clean and like them just as much as their belly, back, fingers or other parts of the body. Hindus might think that feet are lower and always dirty but the majority of people on this world don’t.

And here we are, fashion clashing with religious sentiments! The god Ganesh has been a favourite for artists around the world who started painting him in various ways already long time ago. People wear pendants, have small photos in their purse and he is printed on t-shirts in thousands of different styles. Now someone had the idea to print him onto shoes. Not a big deal you might think – but you can already see the uproar in such WhatsApp-messages and facebook statuses!

This is what I always say religion is doing: you can see here how believers directly incite others to fight – and it is not clear that this fight will remain on legal terms or verbal! Violence has often been the result of such small issues which have been made big and bigger by religion! Religious sentiments are easy to hurt and religious people feel they have the right to hurt others whenever this happens!

The consequences are hateful feelings among people who would otherwise have lived together peacefully. And that all because of the picture of an elephant on a shoe. We have seen worse, much worse, with the example of Islam and cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. They have led to death threats and life-threatening attacks!

Believers however don’t want to see that. Another controversy here is that there is a cigarette brand that prints Ganesha on their packages. The packages are emptied and then thrown down onto the floor where they obviously come under the feet of people and land in the gutter among dirt and sewage. People walk on them, they get much dirtier than your shoes would normally get! This doesn’t matter – but the print on the shoes does! So much that people need to fight against it!

Maybe that’s how Ramona got this message. The girl knows she is not Hindu. She may not know that she is absolutely non-religious – but she believes she needs to spread the message that nobody should wear or even produce shoes with god on them! Even if the person to whom she sends this message doesn’t believe in that god!

Religions praise Suffering for suppressing and exploiting People further – 5 Sep 16

I yesterday mentioned shortly that one reason for criticizing Mother Teresa is that she believed in pain and suffering as the way to god. She actually promoted that poverty is a sign of closeness to god. You can imagine the consequences – something which you can read about in many places: in her hospitals, painkillers were not distributed properly and not everybody received the medical help they would actually have needed. Due to a philosophy which exists in all religions but which is only a way for religion to suppress people further and exploiting them!

Yes, this is exactly what I think this idea is. Religions across the world use this thought, from Christianity to Islam to Hinduism: if you are poor, it is what god wants for you. We can help you use god’s wish in the right way so that you get better. But if it doesn’t work, that is god’s wish, too! You may need to give some more donations in our temples, mosques and churches, you may listen better to our priests and you may need some more of our brainwashing scriptures!

Suffer, cry, enjoy your pain – a sign of god’s love to you? I just always wonder how anybody can believe in such a cruel god? Why would your imaginary friend want you to be unhappy? Why would he be joyful and happy about that? And why do you deliberately enjoy suffering like that? It is your choice! You could just be happy instead!

I have a completely different philosophy. I don’t believe in god at all – but I believe in happiness. I believe in joy, I believe in love, in laughing and having fun. I decide that any cause of unhappiness in my life can be changed! If I suffer, I make a change. If I am unhappy, I make a change – on the outside or the inside!

It is in my own hands, not in the hands of some being that doesn’t even exist. I refuse to believe in any such thing. And I find it horrible to think that nurses and doctors who have the possibilities to end or at least alleviate such suffering don’t do it because of their faith in a cruel god!

No, remember that it is your choice to make a change, your choice to be happy!

Why it is so funny that Mother Teresa becomes a Saint today – 4 Sep 16

Today is a day that will be marked in history books as the day when Mother Teresa became a saint! Yes, today the Catholic Church will declare the nun a saint who had dedicated her life to helping the poor in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Why exactly am I writing about this? For once, as I have always found it funny how the Catholic Church creates saints and on top of that because there are quite a few people who believe that Mother Teresa does not actually deserve this honour!

First of all, I have written already about the laughable process of becoming an official Catholic saint. A Christian life, a reputation of being holy and, finally, two acknowledged miracles! While you can try to be Christian and convince others that you are holy, it may be more difficult to persuade them that you have performed miracles! And you need a whole two of them! After one you get beatified, the second one opens the doors for you to become a real saint, to be canonized.

If you followed this rule around India, you would find thousands of applicants for becoming saints – because religious people here love believing in miracles and admiring the holiness of normal people. They just need to know how to impress the public! Oh, I forgot: you also have to have been dead for five years!

For Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II started the process already two years after her death. Her first acknowledged miracle is the cure of an abdominal tumor of an Indian woman. The second one, recently recognized, is the cure of a brain tumor of a Brazilian man whose life was thus saved.

Oh well, you can imagine, if I oppose the ‘miracles’ that godmen in India use to fool the public, I obviously don’t think that any Catholic nun, priest or other person could really perform such a thing! The best part is that in those miracles, it is the DEAD saint, means its spirit, which actually healed the people… Wow!

Thousands, if not millions of people are expected to celebrate the fact that Mother Teresa will now officially be a saint. What else does this result in than popularity for the Catholic Church? Donations for their institutions, projects and so on!

On top of everything, there have been several voices telling that Mother Teresa had a hardline course of Catholicism, taking money from dictators and appreciating suffering as a part on your way to Jesus – all points which make people doubt the correctness of pronouncing her a saint.

The main thing for me is the wonder that this can still happen in a world like ours where you would think that science prevails. Scientific thinking however has no place where religion is concerned and that’s how we will keep on hearing about such ‘miracles’ in future, too!

Choosing in between feeding hungry Children and Monkeys – 23 Aug 16

Yesterday, it was the birthday of a dear friend of ours from Germany. Her name is Susanne and she has been supporting us for several years already. She has been here with a group of natural hair dressers and we had great workshops, sessions and also beautiful private time together in the past. She sponsored the food for the children on her birthday – and gave some extra, so that we could buy bananas for them as well!

Just a few hours later I was at the restaurant and looking outside at the traffic, when a car stopped in front of our building. The passengers opened the windows and started throwing bananas out of the car. In no time, there was a big crowd of monkeys, all trying to catch at least one banana, if not two or three! They were fighting for them and finally, when there were no more coming, they ran away with whatever they had been able to snatch. The car moved on.

I saw these two distributions of bananas and I wondered: why would someone distribute this food to monkeys instead of children?

It was the most beautiful thing to see the joy about a banana in the kids’ eyes! We distribute fruit from time to time, whenever it is in the season and we can get it easily in high quantity, so that the children get some vitamins. We know that they don’t have a lot at home because fruit is expensive buy! So giving them fruit – or food in general – is something that doesn’t only fill their bellies but our hearts, too, knowing that we helped these families to feed their children and that in a way that will help them grow.

Those who like feeding the monkeys – and that was not a single occurrence today, it happens more often – have another idea. They believe it is something that god approves of. Many of them will be the ones worshipping monkey god Hanuman and believe by feeding the monkeys, they are directly serving god.

If they serve god, god will be nice to them. They will get good health, luck, success and so on. They feel satisfaction after feeding the monkeys because in the end, it will benefit them. It is a selfish wish that makes them distribute those bananas.

For residents however, this means there will be more monkeys on the roads and in the area. More monkeys is nothing anybody here would appreciate. Not only do they go on rampages in your garden, breaking your plants but they are actually dangerous! In the city, people fell from their roofs and died because monkeys came in clans to attack them – for whatever food was in their hands or simply because they felt it was their ground. The government has made various plans to take care of this problem – catching and castrating them, bringing them to jungles outside of the town and more. They come back and they keep on creating problems for the people living here. But religious people believe it is a virtue to feed them.

Now tell me what makes more sense: distributing fruit to hungry children and feeling good about it or feeding it to wild animals and thinking that a fictive being would reward you for it?

You cannot exclude Religion when speaking about Terrorism – 26 Jul 16

After writing yesterday’s blog post about terrorism, I had the feeling that there is one aspect which didn’t quite fit in with yesterday’s message but at the same time is important to the reason why these attacks happen at all: it is religious terrorism! Again and again it is Islamic terrorists, suicide bombers, attackers that kill dozens, hundreds and thousands of people! You cannot pretend as though religion didn’t play a role in this!

Islam is very clearly the religion that these criminals follow and it is teachings of this religion that give them the idea of such cruel actions in the first place. It is not only a disturbed or depressed mind in anger on himself and the world but it is a systematic infiltration of minds that leads to humans committing such crimes! There is an intention of people who use religion as a reason for killing and murder!

When I hear politicians talking about this aspect of attacks however, they often try to avoid the core of the issue. They claim this is not Islam, the religion, at fault and they blame people who change the message of an otherwise ‘peaceful religion’. I don’t agree with this. I don’t think Islam is peaceful.

Once more we have come to the topic of religion and I tell you again that in my opinion, everyone should have the full freedom to believe whatever he or she wants as long as no other people are affected, insulted or injured. At the same time however we clearly see that religions in general and Islam in particular do affect others!

You cannot close your eyes in front of the fact that there are believers of religions promoting hate and spreading fear. In the name of gods that they claim to be just and fair! How come you can still believe in a god that would allow, yes, ask for such crimes? You cannot just wave it off and say ‘that is not really god’ because these people look at the same scriptures and teachings!

I believe to really stop such horrible acts, we have to go against religion and every teaching of it that promotes violence. If you sit down and pick apart the messages of different religions, you will find that a lot of them contain lots of violence. In today’s world, we don’t need this. Stop spreading outdated messages or anger and pain. Open your arms to others of all colour, background, caste and religion – only like this we can improve the situation in this world!

Your Life, your Decisions – don’t let Religion tell you what to do! – 17 Sep 15

I yesterday told you religions that limit people’s freedom of opinion. Religion actually wants to tell people what to do and claims that it has a right to do so. All religions claim that they know how humans should behave. They even tell them to kill. And that is a problem!

When I was a guru, people actually expected me to tell them what to do. It was a part of my role as a religious preacher, someone whom people follow. People came to me with questions and I believed it was the right thing to tell them exactly what to do. I gave them my opinion and I knew at the same time that they would follow it. They gave me the complete responsibility of their decisions. A few of these were really big life decisions as well.

Then I changed. After my time in the cave I didn’t want exactly this anymore. I didn’t want to be higher but equal. This also meant that I didn’t want to take anybody else’s life decisions anymore! I just wanted to live my own life. If I could help someone with my experience and my opinion, I would be happy but I wanted them to take the decision themselves, to trust their feelings and learn how to follow them as well!

That’s how I have ended up as an atheist and am sitting here today, just writing down whatever I am thinking. Any reader is free to think about it and decide for themselves. In my counselling sessions it is always very clear: I can only offer you my viewpoint, you have to take the decision yourself!

Religion however exists in order to tell people what to think and what to do. Religion doesn’t believe in listening to different viewpoints. Religion doesn’t give you the freedom to choose for yourself. Religion tells you what to do.

Religious priests believe they have this right and in the case of Islamic fundamentalists, they teach people that it is right to kill those who don’t follow what they say! Religious leaders of Islam tell their followers that they should put a bomb around their waist and kill themselves along with hundreds of others.

Some people want to be told what to do. They don’t want to take responsibility and put it on religion, a priest, a guru, anybody who takes it and tells them what to do.

No sane person would decide to become a terrorist, a suicide bomber, a killer for religion. It is the manipulation of religion that brings them to this point. They start off as those who don’t want to decide themselves and end up doing what they would never have done on their own. Harming others, killing others, bringing grief and sorrow to the world.

I suggest you to think for yourself. Take responsibility for your life and don’t let religion manipulate you, making you do what you would never do if you decided for yourself.

When Religion limits Freedom of Choice, Opinion and Expression – 16 Sep 15

After having written about Islam yesterday, explaining why I am definitely no Islamophobe, I had a few more thoughts about what I like and dislike about religion. One very big point is that I don’t want to tell anybody what they should think as well as I don’t like being told what I should think. I believe in freedom of expression, freedom of opinion – and religion often thinks very differently about this!

You all know that I am an atheist. I have been very much in religion and now have come fully out of it, so much that I don’t even believe in god anymore. But you know what? I have absolutely no problem with you practicing your religion! Pray to whomever you want, don’t speak, eat or work one, two or three days a week, sit or lie down for your prayer ten times or a hundred times – I really don’t mind or care. Religion anyway says it is just for you, so you could just keep your religious practice within your four walls! Just don’t try to make me believe what you believe in! And one more thing: don’t try to stop me from saying my opinion!

I live in a democratic country, I believe in democracy and, as mentioned, I believe we all should be free to say whatever we want to say. It doesn’t matter if we disagree, we don’t even have to argue about it! I have a lot of friends all over the world of all kinds of religions and I get along very well with each of them although many of them know that I have a very different opinion than them on the topic of their belief!

We could very well live like this with the freedom of choice, opinion and expression for everyone, as long as we don’t harm or bother others – but unfortunately religion does not usually agree with this or act this way!

Just look at all those missionary actions several religions do in different countries of the world! Of course, Christians were the biggest missionaries at one time, converting people all over the earth and if they didn’t change faith and get baptized willingly, they forced them to. Don’t believe that this has stopped though!

Here in India, it is still happening, where Christian, Hindu and Muslim missionaries compete with each other! People in need are lured with the promise of food, shelter and work but with one condition: they have to convert. There are a lot of people who have changed their faith several times in their lives already – because they had to! They wanted to survive and were offered a way. Religion was not important enough for them to die for it!

That’s how many people in areas of crisis may feel about the IS as well, although Islam gets much more extreme here: they have an agenda that everyone of different faith has to be converted or killed! It is not easy to be of the exact same faith as an extreme fundamentalist. You have very high chances of falling into the category of those who have to be killed.

And that’s where religion is not tolerant for others, brutally murders people and forces others to change what they believe in.

No, thank you, I prefer atheism and democracy instead!