Meditation – Vollkommenes Bewusstsein dessen, was du tust – 9 Apr 08


Heute hatten wir den ersten Darshan der ‘Europa-Tour’ und zwar in Sabines Haus. Sie ist eine sehr liebenswerte, liebevolle Person und wir hatten eine sehr schöne Atmosphäre im Darshan, in der Gruppenmeditation.

Ich habe heute erklärt, was Meditation meiner Meinung nach ist. Viele Menschen haben eine Vorstellung davon, wie eine Meditation sein sollte. Sie sollten sich im Schneidersitz hinsetzen, ihre Augen schließen, auf eine bestimmte Weise atmen und so weiter. Aber ich möchte in einer Meditation keine solchen Regeln haben.

Das Sanskrit Wort für Meditation ist ‚Dhyan’. Dieses Wort bedeutet nicht nur Meditation, sondern meint auch das ‚bewusst sein’. Wenn man irgendetwas mit Dhyan macht, ist man sich vollkommen bewusst darüber, was man tut. Und das kann sein, wenn man im Wald spazieren geht, liest, am Computer arbeitest oder mit Kindern spielst. Alles kann Meditation sein, wenn man es völlig bewusst macht. Es ist keine Meditation, wenn du im Wald spazieren gehst und ständig an deine Arbeit denkst. Dann konzentrierst du dich nicht darauf, was du gerade machst. So kann es viele verschiedene Meditationen geben und ich sage, dass man dafür keine Regel braucht.

Ich sage im Darshan immer, dass sich jeder so hinsetzen sollte, wie er sich wohlfühlt. Man kann nicht seinem Herzen zuhören, wenn das Knie wehtut, weil man nicht so sitzt, wie es für einen bequem ist. In dieser Meditation soll jeder damit beginnen, sich selbst anzunehmen und auszudrücken und das fängt damit an, sich so hinzusetzen oder legen, wie man mag und wie man sich wohlfühlt. Ich sagte, dass ich nur erklären kann, was eine Meditation ist, man muss dann selbst entscheiden, auf welche Weise die Meditation sich gut anfühlt. Das schafft eine wundervolle Energie.

Thomas hat auf der Sitar gespielt und so auf großartige Weise zu der angenehmen Atmosphäre beigetragen, in der viele sich entspannen und ihre Gefühle annehmen konnten. Ich bin sehr froh über diesen Abend.


  1. Tricia

    I guess I have one question after reading about all of these gurus…are there any out there who are only wishing to help people or are they only interested in money and taking advantage of people?

  2. Monika

    Thank you Swami ji for writing such blogs that make people aware of these cheating, fake gurus. However the list is so long! I just want to mention a few more names. Radhe Ma, Sant Nirankari organization, Dera Sachcha Sauda organization etc. This list is endless as becoming a guru is in fashion and it is so easy. All you need to do is to learn some techniques to treat and pretend and change your appearance – then you are Guru, how simple is that! And it got more popular since the west has accepted and admires this Guruism. I am living in the USA and part of my family is partly in Europe and partly in India – I live everywhere, so I see what is really going on everywhere. I know so many such Gurus in India, Europe and here in the US.

  3. Kali

    This is so sad and so true.Instead of putting these idiot swamis in special mind jail or torturing these evil in mental hospitals or make them clean the public places, innocent are still suffering and stolen of their health and life.God is there.They cannot harm the innocent mind for long.They kill others, steal money to live. Some even live in others body.I read an article which is a silent cry of innocent software engineer getting cheated by swamis.

    Its very sad that the life of a human in space is valued with enough  food and water and electricity(though such dangerous missions are not needed) and the life of a human on earth is not valued and almost murdered with the struggle for food with strange billing,job and many systems created by evil swamis. Sadly, those who make money in RBI are also dying with breathing problems.How many innocents are killed without food though food is available and bank balance is not available due to extra long working hours without time to take care of oneself?
    The bank themselves are suffering day and night, working hard to safeguard the hard work of many.
    However , many swamis are out in India to steal money from innocent Indians working abroad and innocent are suffering unnecessarily.
    Many swamis are living on others stolen money and not hearing the pangs of cries from the innocent who are almost murdered when asked for the refund of stolen money.
    Request banks to stop funding any human gods or swamis to let the good live.
    So far, good are murdered or dying by evil swamis and evil swamis are living luxuriously instead of getting hanged in jail.

    Below are a list of swamis who are stealing from common people who work hard. Let evil swamis beg on the streets as per the puranas and not harm innocent software engineers.
    1. Swami Rajneesh and Osho-
    2. RK Mutt – Murder attempts for money from foreginers after telling them to leave everthing.Right now, the biggest danger controlling the country through Modi.How many curses on the government by those suffering due to a system of dependence on money/slavery system and not good/morality.How many humans on street and silly swamis in mansions.
    3. Sarada Brahma Vidya Kendra, Conoor- Murder attempts on many for money
    4. Brahmakumaris- Dangerous people who harm physically by entering others mind and body.
    5. Infinite Wings- A dangerous yogi Sudarshan Kannan with powers who harms and controls and steals money from many innocent.
    6. Gurumai , Art of Living ,temples and many many….

    And many many dangerous babas or masters from Himalayas who have created the monsters above and sent them to world to harm the innocent..

    Also, the corruption is related to swamis controlling the kings or prime ministers for a very long time.They control minds of innocent, kill the kings and the people and live ever after without working , stealing the life and souls of many innocent.

    Since the land is corrupted where the swamis are merely living after years of legal battle and not thrown in jail yet after many cruel crimes, the bank can take precautions to stop payment to any institution using God from any innocent across the world.

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