Yoga for body, mind and soul – 4 Jan 08


My friend Sonja and Carolin, her daughter came to visit us in the Center in Melle. I had not seen them since April last year. It is always nice to see Carolin. I love her unconditionally since her early childhood. She is now ten years old and whenever I see her she has grown again. It is amazing to see how fast children grow and become teenagers, then adults. Sonja and Carolin came because of a little problem for which I gave healing. It had helped her before and it will help her again.

In the evening I gave lecture. It is nice to have this rhythm. The students have a meditation in morning, then some classes with physical exercise and then in evening I give a lecture. This is how Yoga is. It is for your mind, your body and your soul. You have Hatha Yoga which is like food for the body, Gyan Yoga which is food for the mind and Bhakti Yoga which is food for the soul. Like this you get the full package.

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5 Replies to “Yoga for body, mind and soul – 4 Jan 08”

  1. I have found such a balance in myself since starting yoga, I almost can’t remember how I let myself feel as badly as I did before I started!

  2. When now I read this I try to think again if there is something which nourishes all, your body, mind and soul? I will say either Yoga or Love.