Different Brands of Yoga in the West and even Franchisees – 4 Aug 09

United States of America

I heard from somebody that a yoga tradition, which has recently become popular, started making franchisees and are now asking money for using their name. I have said many times in my lectures and also wrote in my diary before, that I see these thousands of different yoga traditions here in the west.

When I was only in India I never heard about any tradition. All of these traditions are popular here in the west, not in India. These guys came from India into the west mostly in the last 10 to 50 years, opened their shop with their name and started selling different styles of yoga.

I am really wondering if Patanjali, who wrote the Yoga Sutras 3000 years ago, came here, how much he would charge for people to use his name and Sutras to become franchisee. For me yoga is only yoga. Without any tradition’s name in front or behind. That is how I like to talk about the essence of yoga and why I want people to understand the real meaning of yoga which is not any specific style or just physical exercise.

If you follow gurus and masters who have started traditions and are making their followers, then they also ask you to pay for being their follower and franchisee. And in this all business it seems that the essence of yoga is lost.

Today Shayna took us to the inner part of the city and we had a beautiful time there with her and her son.

4 Replies to “Different Brands of Yoga in the West and even Franchisees – 4 Aug 09”

  1. I think he would charge nothing but go to a cave and disown the world…because he would not understand the mind of people to be so basic and materialistic…

  2. I have recently just started teaching yoga and when I tell people, one of their next questions is what kind of yoga? I find this is the hardest question to answer. People are mostly just waiting to hear one of the popular names or lineages. If I have the time I try to explain a little more about yoga to them.