Yoga Training for Teachers in India – 13 Jan 10


On our journeys we of course also meet many yoga teachers. Sometimes we are invited by yoga teachers, sometimes they come to a chakra workshop to learn more about their chakras and many times they join a yoga workshop led by Yashendu because they want to go deeper in their practice.

I believe we are students for our whole life long. Many people do several yoga teacher trainings because they don’t want to reduce themselves to only one ‘style’ of yoga. And many times they have the wish to learn in India to get a better feeling for the culture and the background of yoga. This is how we were asked already many times if we wouldn’t want to give an advanced training for yoga teachers. Now we made up our minds, sat together and made plans to finally make this idea come true.

We invite yoga teachers and long-time practitioners to join this yoga training for teachers if they would like to learn yoga in a deeper level at the Ashram. It will be a yoga holiday in which you have the chance to get more knowledge and experience in a variety of different styles, positions and teaching methods.

You know that I do not consider myself as teacher and so I will just be there in this course, too, to give answers to questions, to talk about the philosophy of yoga and about how it can be implemented into life. Well, I think it will be a wonderful time and as the group will not be very big, everyone will be able to get the most possible out of it.
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