Who Calls Himself Yogi, Yogini or Yoga Master? – 12 Jul 09

We were sitting together and talking about how easily people call themselves ‘yogi’ or ‘yogini’ here in the west. I have heard many times that somebody here introduces himself as a yoga master. In India people will not say this for themselves in this way. Even those who have spent their whole life doing yoga would never say about themselves that they are a ‘yogi’. They feel shy to say this because this word ‘yogi’ has much value to them and they have much respect for yogis. They do not feel themselves that they are great or good in yoga. Even after doing yoga and being and living in yoga for their whole life, they will still say that they are students.

I will be happy to feel myself always as being a good student. But I see here many times that this desire of being a master comes. People want to be in charge. They want to be a master and it actually is their unfulfilled wish that shows in this way.

3 Replies to “Who Calls Himself Yogi, Yogini or Yoga Master? – 12 Jul 09”

  1. People in the Western world are so competitive. They can’t wait to become master, wanting most of all to master your subject will keep you from learning its essence.

  2. I am a new yoga teacher, and am sometimes shy to say it. I am always learning from teachers and from students as well, so I think that by becoming a teacher you are broadening your horizon of people that you are learning from.I know it will be a lifetime of constant learning and experience.

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