You can only Teach what you Live yourself – 31 May 09


Today we had the last meeting of the Yoga Teacher Training and I was talking with them about honesty. I told them how important it is to honestly live what you are teaching.

A friend of mine told me about a cousin who is yoga teacher. This man gives a yoga workshop of four hours, after two hours he makes a break and in the time of this break he is the first one who sits in the bar on the other side of the street with a beer in the hand and smoking a cigarette. And he says that he is giving yoga. How can you teach yoga in this way?

Again I have to say that yoga is not only a physical exercise, it is a lifestyle. Please see that if you tell somebody not to smoke or drink although you are a chain smoker and alcoholic, nobody will take your teachings seriously. No, you have to make yoga a part of your life and feel it in your heart. Find your own way, your own truth. Then you can tell with full honesty and I tell you that it will touch people. Then only they will be able to understand what you are saying because you are living it.

I told them that everyone of them has to find his own way with his own honesty. I cannot tell them what to believe but I can say them that if they believe it with their full heart and pass it on to others, it will make a difference.

It was very emotional saying goodbye in the end and everybody had tears in their eyes. But of course, it is only a goodbye from this group. We will keep in touch and everyone can contact me at any time. This is my honesty: I am not a guru, just your friend and I am there for you.

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