Karma Yoga for Kapha Dosha and Greed – 30 Jul 08


Yesterday I talked about Pitta and today I would like to talk about Kapha. If Kapha is too much in your body, it can show in greed. There are people who are very materialistic and who try to collect how much they can. It seems that they think they can take it with them when they go from this world. They will leave everything here. You came with empty hands and you will go with empty hands. What you got here you will leave here. Many people collect material things and cannot even enjoy it because they are busy in collecting more. There is so much greed ‘I need this and I want to have that, too’.

I said Karma Yoga can help with this. In Karma Yoga your action is for others. You don’t do anything for yourself and you do not expect to get the fruit, the result of your actions. I have written about this already in my diary. The Gita says that what you do, your actions, are in your hands but you shouldn’t expect to get anything back from it. And as I said in that time, many people expect a fruit in advance, before they do something, others think they get a fruit without doing anything. In Karma Yoga however you give, you offer what you do. That is why I said that against greed you should do Karma Yoga. You will learn not to collect but to give to others. I know it can be difficult but it is how it is with everything: When you have the strong wish to make it, you will manage!

One Reply to “Karma Yoga for Kapha Dosha and Greed – 30 Jul 08”

  1. I feel much happier when I think little or not at all about the things I own. On a practical level I don’t have to work so hard to maintain my amassed “wealth”. On a less practical level my stress is gone and things seem to fall into place for me. I have the things I need. They come to me as I need them!