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Gyan Yoga for Pitta Dosha and Anger – 29 Jul 08

Yesterday I said that the Ayurvedic dosha Pitta, if it is not balanced in the body, can show in anger and aggression. I also said that Gyan Yoga is a good spiritual way to take if you are suffering from too much Pitta and thus from anger. Anger always has a target, a direction. It is directed towards someone or something. Anger is like a fire which doesn’t only burn others but also yourself. Too much Pitta in the body also means that you have too much acidity and it is like a burning in your body. Pitta also creates hyperactivity. So Gyan Yoga is the solution.

Gyan Yogis say that there is no duality. Everything is one and everyone is the same because God is in everybody. So if God is in you, in me and in everyone around, against whom do you want to direct your aggression? Anger can only exist in duality. You make the difference between good and bad and then you get angry against the bad side. But when everything is God, then everything is the same, everyone is love. In duality there is a thinking of possession. This is yours and this is mine. I own this and you own that.

I have a Gyan Yogi attitude in this way. I believe that everything belongs to everyone. So when I stay in someone’s house, I also open the fridge and for example cook with those vegetables without thinking that I did not buy them. On the other hand I do not mind to fill this fridge again, if I will eat what I buy or if someone else eats it because I consider this as everybody’s food. If you are in Gyan Yoga, it doesn’t make a difference. And this is how you can defeat anger and cure problems with Pitta. 

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  1. Romeo

    “There is no right and wrong but thinking makes it so.” (From Hamlet by W. Shakespeare)

  2. Michel Willis

    To mention anothers’ words that relate to Swami Ji’s. Jesus spoke of sin. This term is often misinterpreted. The word sin means to miss the target, so to sin would be perhaps to miss the point of life. To love is to understand. If you meet someone and you do not love them, you do not understand them. You do not see the God in them but only the ego that they project forward. Do not blame others for how you feel disturbed by them. This practice is not one of goodwill, that is, it is not something you do to be charitable. It is something that you do with sincerity in order to reveal the truth to yourself. It happens that a positive consequence follows because as the god in you shines forth the god in others around you may more easily come forward.

  3. Jai

    I am very Pitta dominant from the few tests I have taken, and I intuitively feel that this is true as well. However, I very rarely feel anger or jealousy. Love pervades my heart, and I am typically very cheerful. So my question is this: Is it possible to be Pitta dominant and still be balanced and centered, or does one have to be balanced between the Doshas? Perhaps the tests I have taken are erroneous, but I am always physically warm and experience many of the traits of Pitta. Thank you in advance.

  4. Yashendu

    Hello Jai,
    Thank you for your question. Yes, it can absolutely be possible that your dosha is Pitta and you don’t experience the psychological signs for a Pitta constitution. In general, the physical situation can reflect on the mental balance – that is however not necessary and it is great that you don’t feel that you are easily angry or jealous.
    Remain balanced and take care to eat food that is not hot or spicy.

    Greetings from Vrindavan

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