Sthala Basti – Air Enema

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Sthala Basti, Vata Basti, Air Basti, Air Enema

How to perform Sthala Basti

There are many different ways explained of how to do Sthala Basti. Every teacher may have his own experience, so you can learn it in one way and then try other possibilities to see which one is best for you. Here you will find descriptions for three different postures: half Paschimottanasana, in lying and in Utkatasana .

Sthala Basti starting from Paschimottanasana

Start going in Paschimottanasana, which means that you sit with your legs stretched out in front of you and then you bend forward. You do not however fully place your upper body on your legs but only bend forward halfway. You can open your hips with your hands before to sit more properly. Now you perform Uddiyana Bandha and then contract your anal muscles in to suck air inside. Move it in and then take it out again as flatulence.

Sthala Basti in lying Position

You can also perform Sthal Basti in lying position which may be easier, especially for beginners, as the organs and the rectum come further down. Lie on your back, bend your knees towards your chest, raise your buttocks and work with your sphincter muscles by contracting them in and sucking air into the colon.
Move the air in and then take it out as flatulence.

Sthala Basti in Utkatasana

Ancient scriptures suggest to use a hollow twig as a help for the practice of Sthala Basti in Utkatasana. Of course you can use a catheter or any other form of pipe nowadays, or also a Basti Yantra, which is a pipe, thinner on one side and wider on the other. This is a help for the beginning, once you have mastered the Kriya, you can practice without the pipe.

Sit in Utkatasana, insert the catheter or pipe into the colon and perform Uddiyama Bandha. After this, start sucking the air into your colon, move it in and finally take it out as flatulence.

Perform this practice three to five times.

Benefits of Sthala Basti

Sthala Basti is very good against gas problems in the colon. If there is air stuck in colon, intestines or bowels, you take it out with the practice of Sthala Basti. Belly pain related to gas is relieved and the Vata in your body is balanced.

Without gas problems, your digestive system works much better and thus bowel irregularities and even IBS, the irritable bowel syndrome, can be cured.
You prevent piles and other problems.

When your digestion does not work properly, your mental situation is usually disturbed as well. You don’t feel good and have difficulties concentrating. Sometimes even headaches are the result of intestinal problems.

Focus Points

You have to focus on the work of your sphincter muscles. This may be difficult in the beginning, as you are not used to actively pull air in but you will get used to it.

Tips and Help

It may alleviate your practice to perform this Kriya naked, without clothes that may disturb the intake of air.

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