Samana Asana


Samana Asana, Samana Air Posture

The pose is called Samana Asana because it has a direct effect on the Samana Vayu. The Samana Vayu is one of the five known Vayus, the airs in the body: Prana, Apana, Vyan, Samana and Udana.

How to perform Samana Asana

For practicing the Samana Air Pose, you need to be able to perform Nauli.

Sit in Siddhasana and breathe deeply. After a deep exhalation (rechaka), make Nauli. When you see Nauli clearly, grab your Nauli with both hands.

Repeat this action 3-5 times consecutively.

Benefits of Samana Asana

The Samana Vayu is located in the navel region, in the area of the Manipoor Chakra. Its purpose is to digest food and distribute energy throughout the body. Performing this pose supports the Samana Vayu and thus speeds up the digestive process. It strengthens the intestines and helps with the release of gas from the digestive system.

Of course the effect is that your appetite increases. You can, however, practice this pose, too, if you would like to lose weight. The fact that your digestion will work better will also keep your metabolism active and prevent your body from storing extra fat. Of course, this needs to be accompanied by a respective diet.

Tips and Help

Make sure you exhale completely before performing this pose and that your stomach is completely empty. If you still have food in your stomach, it can give you belly pain and you might not be able to bring out the Nauli. The best time to perform Samana Asana is before meals, especially in the morning before breakfast.

If you struggle with getting a grip on your nauli, don’t despair but keep practicing first a strong and firm nauli and then try to grab it.