Padma Trikonasana

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Padma Trikonasana, Lotus Triangle

How to perform Padma Trikonasana

Sit in Padmasana, the Lotus Seat, with your back straight. The next step is to interlace your fingers in your back. With exhalation you lift your hands up and you will feel how your upper body nearly automatically bends forward. Place your chin on the floor and bring the hands up so that they are at a 90 degrees angle from the floor. A visitor looking at you from the front will see that your arms look like a triangle now.

Benefits of Padma Trikonasana

Obviously this exercise is good for practicing flexibility, especially for your shoulders. It opens them and creates extra space in your chest to breathe freely. Your arm and leg muscles get a good stretch.

It is an extensive forward bending exercise that squeezes your abdomen area and intestines tightly together before giving them space again. This helps with digestion and releasing gas.

In the same way it is beneficial for problems with sexuality.

Breathing for Padma Trikonasana

Exhale when bending forward, keep breathing normally while in the posture and slowly come out of the posture with inhalation.

Focus Points

Concentrate on one thing at a time. First of all learn to do Padmasana. If you are not good in the lotus seat, do it with legs crossed.

Next, you focus on bringing your upper body down. Your breathing can support you in this if you come a bit more down with each exhalation.

Finally bring your arms more up so that they point straight up to the sky.

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