Pada Namaskar Asana

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Pada Namaskar Asana, Padangushtha Chalan

How to perform Pada Namaskar Asana

Sit in the Dandasana with your knees straight. Now bring your toes together so that it looks like you say Namaste with your fee. Now the soles of your feet are facing each other.

From this point you flex out your feet in the other driection. Repeat this 15 to 20 times.

Benefits of Pada Namaskar Asana

Pada Namaskar Asana is a very beneficial exercise for your inner thighs, inner calves and side knee muscles. It brings flexibility to your toes and ankles which helps preventing your ankles from of spraining or twisting. Your joints remain active and movement in all directions is practiced when you do this yoga pose.

It is one of those exercises that you can do even when you are at work – your co-workers won’t even notice your workout!

Focus Points

Your knees should remain straight throughout the exercise; otherwise you lose the effect for your calves and thighs.

Tips and Help

If you already suffer from ankle injuries or have pain, do not go to the extreme but do the yoga exercise slowly and until the point where it is still comfortable.

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