Netra Dhauti – Eye Cleaning

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Netra Dhauti, Eye Cleaning

How to perform Netra Dhauti

Sit in Utkatasana and take clean and fresh water into a little bowl. Open your eyes and rinse your eyes with the clean water by taking some water into your hands and spilling it into your eyes.

Then fill your mouth with as much water as you can and rinse your eyes again with the clean water. Spit out the water after that.

Repeat this procedure three times.

Another way to do this exercise is to form a cup with your hand and fill it with water. Then you bend over your hand filled with water and open and close your eyes so that they will be cleaned.

You can also take a big pot with water, dip your face into it and open and close your eyes while your mouth is full with water.

Nowadays you can also buy eyecups and they can also be used for this exercise.

Benefits of Netra Dhauti

Netra Dhauti improves eye sight and is beneficial for all kinds of eye problems. This is also a good exercise if you are suffering from head ache because headache is often related to problems with the eyes or stressed eyes.

insomnia can also be eased because this exercise gives the eyes a rest and they get something like a workout during cleaning the eyes with waters which prepares them to relax.

Don’t do it if you have wounds in your eyes or just had a surgery at your eyes.

Tips and Help

If you have burning sensation in your eyes, use rosewater to rinse them or put a bit of it in water. If you have sore eyes, a burning sensation or if they are tearing, you can use water with Triphala, an Ayurvedic medicine in there.

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