Mrigasana – Deer Pose

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Mrigasana, Mriga Asana, Deer Pose

How to perform Mrigasana

Sit in Vajrasana on your legs with your back straight. Bring your arms to your back and stretch them out behind you. Now lean forward until your chest is on your knees.

You can now slowly lift your hips up, shifting your body weight more and more to your knees.

In the end you lift your feet off the ground, still balancing on your knees.
After a maximum of one or two minutes, you come out of the pose again.

Benefits of Mrigasana

This yoga posture strengthens your arms as you keep them stretched out to your back.
It opens your chest and throat and lets you breathe with more ease.

Your legs, through the act of balance get stronger, too, as well as your pelvis. You are contracting more muscles in that area as you may know!

This pose also helps regulating the air in your intestines.

Focus Points

First of all your focus will be your balance. After that you need to take care that your arms are still stretched out to your back and as straight as possible.

Tips and Help

Beginners should only lift the hips until they have found their confidence in this pose.
Lift your hips before lifting your feet off the ground, not simultaneously. This will help you in finding your balance.

When to Avoid the Deer Pose

Do not perform this yoga exercise if you have weak or injured knees.

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