Kati Pranayama – Pelvic Breathing


Pelvic Breathing, Kati Pranayama

How to perform Kati Pranayama

Lay down on the floor in Supta Samasthiti. Bend your knees and place your feet with a distance of one foot from your hips to the floor. Keep your hands next to your pelvis with the palms facing the floor.

With inhalation you now contract your anal muscles and bring your pelvis up into the air. With exhalation you bring your pelvis down to the floor again and release your anal muscles.

Special Advice for People with back pain and Pregnant Women

During pregnancy you should not lift your pelvis from the floor but contract your anal muscles and give a slight raise to the pelvis by contracting the pelvis muscles, too. You don’t however lift your pelvis from the floor. If you are suffering from back pain it is also recommended to do this gentle and easier version of Kati Pranayama.

Benefits of Kati Pranayama

This breathing exercise is very good for your hip muscles. It strengthens and tones them.
Through its work with your abdomen, this yoga pose prevents and helps with many gynecological problems as well as with sexual problems.

It is also a good yoga exercise for releasing stress. It relaxes you through the attention that you need to give to your breathing and the work of your muscles.

Practicing this breathing exercise as explained when you have back pain, it helps reducing the pain and is especially beneficial if you suffer from sacrum displacement.

During pregnancy, the way of breathing described above strengthens the back to help you hold the weight of the baby and to reduce back pain. It also makes the delivery easier.

Focus Points

Be relaxed and focus on your pelvic region going up and down.

Tips and Help

If you are suffering from back pain or are pregnant, you can also use a folded blanket under your pelvis for support.

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