Karna Dhauti – Ear Cleansing

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Karna Dhauti, Ear Cleansing

How to perform Karna Dhauti

Sit in Utkatasana and take some warm mustard oil.

Bend your head to one side and drip a few drops of the oil into one of your ears. Now put your palm on your ear to close it up and make a vibrating movement with your hands to bring the oil deeper into your ear. Open and close your jaw while doing that.

After that you put your index finger into your ear and vibrate it to bring the oil even deeper.
Now you change the side and repeat the procedure with the ear on the other side.

Afterwards doing this on both sides you can also you use ear buds to clean out the oil and dirt from your ear.

Benefits of Karna Dhauti

This exercise increases your hearing ability and the use of warm oil is also very good to clean out all dirt from your ears.

The warmth of the oil melts the dirt in the ear and because of this it will come out more easily.

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