Jihva Dhauti – Tongue Cleaning

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Jihva Dhauti, Tongue Cleaning

How to perform Jihva Dhauti

In Danta dauthi it is explained how to use the dantun, the twig of a tree to clean your teeth. You can use the same twig for the practice of Jihva Dhauti.

Take the twig and tear it apart in the middle so that you have two halves. Take one half of the twig, bend it into U-shape and pull it over your tongue once to clean it.

Now take your index and middle finger and rub them on your tongue to give some pressure on it and to solve if any toxins are left.

After that take the second half of the twig, bend it and clean your tongue with it once again so that it is cleaned nicely.

Benefits of Jihva Dhauti

As you can imagine, Jihva Dhauti gives your tongue a nice massage.

By that it will stimulate your hunger and appetite when you have the problem of not feeling hungry. Also your digestive tract will benefit from Jihva Dhauti.

As you clean your mouth with this exercise, your tongue will be more able to taste things better. Everything will taste more intensive again!

While we sleep the waste and the poisonous part of whatever we have eaten before going to bed comes up to our mouth and stays like a layer on our tongue.

In the morning you can see it on your tongue.

As it is full of bacteria and makes a bad smell, it has to be cleaned and this Kriya is very helpful for that.

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