Jala Basti – Water Enema

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Jala Basti, Water Basti, Enema, Yogic Enema

Nowadays medicine knows a lot of different ways to perform enemas and recommends them as an important way of cleaning your colon. 

Ayurveda and yoga knew about the importance, too, which is why this advanced practice is also seen as very important.

How to perform Jala Basti

In order to be able to perform Jala Basti, you need to have mastered the practice of Uddiyana Bandha , Nauli and Ashwini Mudra.

Jala Basti is the sucking of water into your anus and releasing it again for cleansing purpose. In ancient times yogis went into a river until the navel and suck in the river water. Due to bacteria and the current situation of most rivers, it is rather unadvisable to do that nowadays.

Beginners can use a helping tool like a hollow pipe, the root of a lotus, a catheter or a basti yantra, which is a pipe that is narrow at one end and broad at the other side.

To perform Jala Basti, you can fill a bathtub with water and squat in the water in Utkatasana . If you use a helping tool, insert one end into the anus to keep it open to the rectum.

Perform Uddiyana Bandha and use your sphincter muscles and the Ashwini Mudra to suck water in from the anus to the rectum and to the sigmoid colon.

Very good practitioners can even pull up the water up to the descending colon. Once the water is inside, gently remove the tool if you were using one.

Now you get up and practice Nauli to move the water inside you so that is washes the colon. After that you go to toilet to force the water and the cleansed waste out of your body.
You can repeat this practice a maximum of three times in a row.

Benefits of Jala Basti

Our colon is a very important part of our body. It is important for keeping balance and harmony in between other organs. An unhealthy colon has a lot of bad effects on your complete body.

Digestive problems, bad mouth odor, irritable bowel syndrome, dryness of skin, obesity, heart problems and even depression are only a few of those problems caused by toxins stuck in the colon.

Those toxins and the problems of digestion cause difficulties with blood purification and kidney and pancreas may not fully function. This obviously leads to a weakening of the immune system and to mental problems such as stress, bad mood, insomnia, lack of sexual interest and more.

Even your joints can be affected and arthritis pain can be relieved by cleansing the waste from the colon.

The inner state of your colon also has an effect on your outer appearance. If your colon is not clean, you can easily gain weight and will have difficulty to lose it even with hard workout.

Additionally the problems with your skin can make you look older than you are.

Doing Jala Basti gives you a light and clean feeling which can change your mood and way of thinking, makes you more positive and gives you more strength, power and enthusiasm. This enthusiasm also affects your sexual energy, you feel you have more sex appeal and are overall more confident.

Additional Notice for the Practice of Jala Basti

Jala Basti and enema are not a substitute for natural bowel movement. You should not depend on Jala Basti alone to cleanse your colon. If you have difficulty getting rid of waste often, please contact a doctor.

A healthy person is recommended to have enema twice a month.

Beginners should learn this practice under guidance of an experienced yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner or medical doctor.

Relax after the practice of Jala Basti and take care to eat light and easily digestible food.

Tips and Help

If you use a pipe or any other tool, you may want to apply ghee or oil to your anus before starting the practice.

One main advice in order to succeed with Jala Basti is to be relaxed. You should not have any apprehension and should be aware that what you are doing is good for your body.

If you have difficulties performing Nauli after sucking water into your colon, you can also lie on the floor, roll over from left to right and right to left.

If you are not able to make Uddiyana Bandha and suck water in yourself, you can have an Ayurvedic Basti done or ask a doctor about a medicated enema.

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