Hast Titali Asana – Hand Butterfly

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Hast Titali Asana, Hand Butterfly

How to perform Hast Titali Asana

Sit in Sukhasana, Guptasana, Vajrasana, Bhadrasana or Padmasana and open your arms straight to the side.

Now move your arms up straight up over your head with inhalation, just like the wings of a butterfly. Then bring it down with exhalation and repeat this action, up and down, up and down.

Benefits of Hast Titali Asana

This yoga exercise is good for your shoulders and it stretches and strengthens the wrists and arms.

At the same, it also expands and strengthens the ribcage and torso muscles which gives your lungs room to breathe deeply.

Additionally it is a good yoga pose to prevent back pain.

Focus Points

Keep your arms stretched out with your elbows straight.

Do not clap when they are over your head and do not touch the floor when you bring them down.

Tips and Help

Keeping your spine straight immensely heightens the effect of this yoga pose.

Using the breathing rhythm as explained additionally helps you to remain at a steady pace.

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