Gulf Chalan – Ankle Movement


Gulf Chalan, Ankle movement

How to perform Gulf Chalan

Sit in Dandasana with your legs and your back straight. Place your hands on your hip joints and move your toes forward and backward.

Benefits of Gulf Chalan

This exercise is very beneficial for your legs. It seems very easy and it is very easy but it is really a great workout for the muscles of your thighs and calves.

You can imagine that you can – with regular practice – reduce extra thigh fat and bring your thighs into a beautiful shape.

Additionally you will feel how it strengthens your lower back muscles.

This is also one of the best exercises for stress management and you can practice it literally anywhere! While you are in the office or travelling in train or plain. You don’t even have to get up!

Gulf Chalan keeps your ankles flexible and helps the blood flow through the veins of your legs which provides instant refreshment even after long periods of sitting.

Focus Points

You should really feel a very good stretch when pulling your ankles backwards and pushing them forward. If you don’t, pull and push them more!

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