Eka Padangusthasana

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Eka Padangusthasana, Sivani Asana, Perineum Pressure Pose

How to perform Eka Padangusthasana

Squat down with your heels in the air in Utkatasana . Check which of your nostrils is active.
If it is your left side place the left heel under the perineum between your sexual organ and anus.

Then place your right heel on your left knee, balancing on your left foot. Bring your hands in Namaste position in front of your chest and smile. Repeat the same from the other side.

Benefits of Eka Padangusthasana

Through the pressure on the perineum, It can thus make you feel more rooted and connected with where you come from.

Eka Padangusthasana is a good yoga pose for all kind of sexual problems like premature ejaculation and frigidity.

Practicing the Perineum Pressure Pose is good for brain and concentration and against stress as well. You pressurize your perineum and with this the root point of your nervous system. This improves the mental health, the consciousness level and you are more focused to a subject like in meditation practice or as a student.

With the practice of this yoga pose you strengthen the blood flow and thus also purify your blood. Piles may be prevented in this way.

Eka Padangusthasana is a great balancing pose but not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically. Bad dreams, insomnia and stress can be prevented and it is good for the memory.

Focus Points

The focus should be to balance your body on one heel not to bring your arms up in the air.
Focus on the perineum during your practice. Sit with a straight spine and your head straight.

Tips and Help

Looking straight to a central point which is not moving will stabilize your posture and help you keep your balance.

Closing your eyes can make you lose your balance so keep them open.
You can also support your body by placing your hands on the ground.

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