Eka Pada Chakrasana

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Eka Pada Chakrasana, Eka Pada Urdhvachakrasana, Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana, One Leg Wheel Pose

How to perform Eka Pada Chakrasana

Lie in Supta Samastithi, flat on the floor. Lift yourself up into Chakrasana. When you feel balanced, lift first the heel of one leg while keeping the toes on the ground. Slowly lift your leg and while balancing your body weight on the other leg and arms, bring your leg up as straight as possible.

Slowly bring your leg down again and then lift the other one.

Repeat changing your legs until you feel tired. Slowly lay your body back down on the floor.

Benefits of Eka Pada Chakrasana

This pose has all the benefits of Chakrasana on the back, the digestive system and the arms and even some more.

It obviously strengthens the thighs which you notice immediately when you do this exercise. Additionally it shapes your belly muscles which are active when you lift your leg up.

Focus Points

Of course you should try to make your leg as straight as possible.
Don’t forget to breathe!

Tips and Help

Before going into this pose, you need to practice Chakrasana. When you feel sure in the wheel pose, you can slowly try to bring your leg up.

You can shift your weight further towards your arms to relieve the standing leg a bit.
Your leg does not have to be straight up on your first try – that is very improbable! So don’t worry but keep on practicing.

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