Danda Dhauti

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Danda Dhauti, Cleaning the Esophagus or Oesophagus

Danda is the Sanskrit word for stick.

How to perform Danda Dhauti

The practice of Danda Dhauti is to insert a soft stick into the esophagus. This stick is usually the stem of a banana or also a lotus stem.

Nowadays people also practice this technique with a catheter.

In magic shows you can see people swallowing swords – that is the practice of Danta Dhauti. When they have an X-ray done during this trick, you can see the sword in between their lungs. You should however not do this yourself or practice it like this.

Always perform this technique with empty stomach. Sit in Utkatasana and drink a glass of water, so that the esophagus is wet. Then you take a banana stem or lotus stem which you have previously properly cleaned. Bend your head backwards and slowly insert the stem into your throat.

Start with only inserting it one centimeter down the throat. On the next day, you insert it two centimeters, then four and further and further until it one day reaches your stomach.
Slowly bring it back out.

If you use a catheter or lotus stem, these also work as siphon and bring the water and any bile out of your stomach.

Advice of Caution

This Kriya should be learned and exercised only under guidance of an experienced yoga teacher.

Please do not practice this Kriya if you are not experienced or do not have an expert next to you because you can seriously injure your esophagus when you do it wrong or under tension.

It is not generally advised as regular practice.

Benefits of Danda Dhauti

This technique was originally used to get bile or mucus out of the stomach or to remove something that was stuck in the esophagus.

With this cleaning the technique is good against bad mouth odor and cleans the mucus which gives relief in swallowing.

Focus Points

Relax while you practice this technique. Do it slowly and don’t force the stem further down.

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