Bhring Asana – Bee Pose

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Bhring Asana, Bhringasana, Bee pose

How to perform Bhring Asana

Sit in Vajrasana to perform this yoga pose. Exhale completely and with your breath out of your body, you bend forward, placing your elbows in front of your knees, so that your palms and lower arms come resting on the floor. Your chest should rest on your knees.

In this position you then lift your head, fill your stomach and lungs completely with air and hold the air there. Exhale slowly.

Repeat the inhalation, holding and exhalation two to three times. Come up with inhalation.
You can repeat this pose two to three times.

Benefits of Bhring Asana

This pose clears the Apana Vayu, the air in your intestines. It helps to release gas from the intestines and can help you to prevent stomach problems such as cramps.

If you are suffering from constipation, try this pose and keep practicing regularly, as the bowel movement and the massage that you give to your intestines stimulate your digestion.

When to Avoid the Bee Pose

If you are suffering from knee or ankle injuries, you should avoid this yoga exercise until your doctor has approved your practice of this posture.

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