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Bharadvajasana, Bharadvaja’s Twist

How to perform Bharadvajasana

Sit straight in Dandasana. Now pull your left knee towards you and then lay your left foot next to your hip, bringing your knee to the floor. Place your right foot on your left thigh.

In the next step you bring your right arm to the back of your body and grab your right toes. With exhalation you turn your trunk and neck to the right so that your chest faces to your right side and you are looking behind you.

Place your left hand under your right knee and keep on breathing and smiling.

Benefits of Bharadvaja’s Twist

You can imagine that this pose helps you to stay flexible. It is good for moving and turning your joints and is thus a good exercise in the beginning stage of arthritis. Your shoulders, knees, ankles and hips will remain flexible until old age if you practice this exercise regularly.

With the twist of your abdomen you massage your intestines which stimulates your digestion.

Bharadvajasana is especially recommended for people who sit and work in one position for long periods of time. Upper and lower back pain caused by long sitting or wrong posture.
People suffering from sciatica pain also have reported relieve from their pain after practicing this yoga pose.

Energetically, this pose activates the third chakra which is connected to your self-esteem, enthusiasm and life force.

Focus Points

Your focus in Bharadvajasana should be to twist your spine as much as possible while keeping it straight in its vertical line.

When to Avoid Bharadvajasana

People suffering from hypertension should avoid this yoga pose. If you have a headache, you should not perform this exercise, either.

Women should avoid Bharadvajasana during their menstruation due to the pressure it gives to the inner organs.

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