Balasana – Child-s Pose

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Balasana, Child’s Pose, Child Pose

How to perform Balasana

Sit in Vajrasana and with exhalation bend forward until your upper body lies on your thighs and your forehead rests on the floor in front of you. Lay your arms in a relaxed pose by your sides and relax in this posture.

Whenever you decide to come up, come up with exhalation.

Benefits of Balasana

This posture gives a nice stretch to the hips and back muscles while it is at the same time simply relaxing your whole body. Your mind can relax with this focus to the inside. People suffering from hyperactivity can learn to use this exercise as an anchor, a pose from which to find back to peace and focus. Also bipolar conditions can be helped by performing the child’s pose.

With its many benefits Balasana is a posture that is loved by kids and seniors alike.
With the forward bend and the complete relaxation in the posture it is a perfect pose for reducing high blood pressure.

Focus Points

The main focus of this posture is to relax. So be calm, listen to your breath and make a journey inside you. It is as if you are only by your own, nothing from the outside to reach to you.

Tips and Help

If you cannot place your forehead on the floor, you can use a cushion or a pillow under your forehead to let it relax.

It is a pose that can be done whenever you are stressed or tired. If you integrate it into your yoga practice, it is the perfect yoga pose to do to relax in between the poses.

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