Ardha Sirsasana – Half Head Stand

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Ardha Sirsasana , Ardha Shirshasana, Half Head Stand

How to perform Ardha Sirsasana

Sit in Vajrasana. Raise your heels and come on your toes while keeping the knees on the floor. Grab your right elbow with the left hand and the left elbow with the right hand. Place them in front of your knees. Now open your arms and interlace your fingers so that they form a triangular shape in front of you.

Place the top of your head in front of your interlaced fingers. Now lift your knees and lean your body on your head. Open your interlaced hands and place them just where your elbows have been.

Now slowly put your right knee on the right upper arm and the left knee on the left upper arm. Keep your feet up and try to bring your spine as upright as possible so that it is forming a line with your head. Your breathing should stay normal and never forget to smile.

You can come out of the posture in the same way you came in.

Benefits of Ardha Sirsasana

Ardha Sirsasana is obviously good for finding your balance and is usually done in preparation for the full head stand. Those who have problems to do the complete headstand or who cannot do it at all can do this pose as it is a good substitute for the head stand.

Through the inversion in the half head stand, the blood flow to the head is strengthened. In this way more oxygen comes to the brain and the whole area is much better circulated. The nervous system, eyes, ears and the scalp benefit greatly from this. Even hair fall can be stopped if it was caused by bad circulation in the scalp.

Along with the benefits for the heart, inversion poses also always bring benefits for the respiratory system, your lungs and your throat.

It is also a good exercise for your back muscles and your rib cage.

Tips and Help

Do not hold this posture longer than 2 to 3 minutes because the pressure in your head from the blood flowing down could get too great and even do harm to your eyesight.

Rising up your body with an inhalation makes it easier to go into the posture. Place a folded blanket or a yoga mat under your head as it will reduce the pressure on your head.

When to Avoid Ardha Sirsasana

Avoid this posture when suffering from headache, migraine, neck injury, neck pain, spinal injury, wrist pain, glaucoma, and diarrhea or after food with a full stomach.

Pregnant women can also do this pose but they should consult their doctor before doing it.

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