Do what you Like – and Get Success – 7 Aug 10


I would like to write a little bit more about the idea that everybody could find a profession and job that he likes.

In Germany Ramona explained me the school system there: after primary school, there are three kind of branches of school which have different length. One finishes after eight years and many of the children then make an apprenticeship in handicrafts, at a bakery or a hairdresser for example. The second one finishes after ten years and many of these teenagers become clerks or work in administration or also do different apprenticeships. The third one is the longest, for twelve years, and after that many young adults go to university and college to have an academic career. Of course there is a possibility for other ways, too, and in each school you can select already in a way which direction you would like to go or what you would like to learn but that was the main and rough structure as it was explained to me.

So that seems to be the right idea but it we still have to find the right way of implementation because still there are so many people who are not satisfied. I tell you this from Germany because I know it from there but I have heard the same complaint in other countries, too and think it is a worldwide problem.

In my opinion a person who wants to dance and teach dancing to others does not need to learn high mathematics. Of course it is necessary to know the basics and it is always good to have general knowledge but only those people should go deep in this who really enjoy it. I know that there are people who enjoy the numbers just in the same way as there are people who like to teach sports and others who like it when things get clean. People who love to sit in front of a microscope the whole day and make discoveries of little beings that nobody else sees should also not have to be forced to learn singing, it is just not necessary!

We need to find a way that everybody can do that what he likes. And it starts with you! Make a beginning, find out what you want and have the courage to go that way. I can tell you that you will be most successful if you do something that you like.

4 Replies to “Do what you Like – and Get Success – 7 Aug 10”

  1. Many people shy away from doing what they love for fear they won’t make enough money. This is a big mistake, as happiness is infinitely more important than money.

  2. Happiness is more important than money, that is right and I believe if you do things that make you happy, you will always have enough. As the saying goes: Money does not make you happy!If you do something that you love, money is also not that important anymore.

  3. Many people feel that they do not have a choice in what they do when they do. This feeling comes from fear, not from lack of option. And the fear would go away if the choice was made to do what you love. Also many people do not have a choice. They have to survive and they are materially bound to their occupation. Happiness can be found anywhere. It does not matter what you do even though this can be easier to realize when you do what you love. Joy is there for everyone.