Love it if you have a lot of Work! – 17 Nov 09


My normal day is often very full and not only, when I am travelling and busy meeting people and giving lectures, healings or workshops. No, even here, where I am at home and when I say it is my holiday time, I have so much to do that my day is over very quickly. Whether it is working on the website, replying mails and requests, writing the diary or planning for new projects and plans, there is always something going on and this is great.

Really, I am very happy that I have so many things to do. I have met many people who said to me that they don’t want to work or of whom you could see that they didn’t want to work, didn’t want to do anything. And I have met people who really didn’t have anything to do, who didn’t know what to do and were not working either.

I tell you, many times I have the feeling that if you don’t have anything that can occupy the mind, you get crazy. Why? Because your mind doesn’t have anything to focus on, nothing that it can dive into, no solution that needs to be found, no creativity required. It grabs whatever it can find to think and will turn this one point in all directions. If you give some attention to this you will notice that people who don’t have much to do and to think always have one or two certain topics which they cannot let go. And of course they cannot let go because then there would be nothing left to think of.

No, be happy if many things are going on around you, be happy that your mind is occupied and busy! It will only be good for you.

Today my good friend Govind was here and he now started learning German from Ramona. I belief he will never be a person who doesn’t have anything to do or learn as he is always eager to learn something new. 

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  1. Love what you said aboutr being busy orbeing occupied, just doing things. I’m not working (like going to a place everyday) at the moment and I still can’t believe how the days flies by. I see your hair is growing out. Yes, you looked good bald. Please say “hi” to everyone.Sending Love,

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