Loving Work – What others may Think of us – 24 Jun 09


Today Regina said to me ‘If people do not meet you or don’t really get to know you they might be thinking you are just travelling, enjoying eating, have some meditation sometimes and otherwise hang around and do nothing. But when I see you and how much you are working, I am amazed.’ I told her yes, Ramona was saying the same to me. Maybe those who don’t know us think in this way but those who know us know how much work and responsibility we have and how many hours a day we need to spend for that. Continuously, without a weekend or Sunday. But it is good also, we love it and we have much fun in our work.

We enjoy it when we see how many people can get help and be happy. This gives us the joy and inspiration to work more and more. That is how we love our work. I can only do what I love. I often hear from people that they don’t enjoy their work. They do it because they have to do it, have to survive and have to earn some money. I cannot do this. I love what I do and I do what I love.

In the evening we had a nice fire outside on the terrace. It is still getting cool in evenings so that was just the right thing!

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  1. Swami Ji,I have a similar feeling with my work. It is not “work” in its intended meaning. The characteristic it shares with what people call work is he exhaustion I feel when the day is done. I revel in that exhaustion. It is a beautiful feeling that makes me very happy.