Spiritual Healing for Workaholics – 13 Feb 09


A woman came for a healing session and told me about herself: “Swami ji, I work a lot. Sometimes I work 14 hours a day. But I really love my work, you could say I am a workaholic. I just know that I also want everything at home to be nicely clean and proper. So if I start working at half past seven, I get up at half past five to make things nice in the house. And when I come home in the evening I am sometimes very tired and then I know I sometimes react a little bit aggressive and I am not very calm. And this creates problems in my partnership or for the people who are closest to me. I would need some inner peace and calmness and I know that some doctors also recommend going to a healer for this. So this is why I came here: because I think you can help me.”

I replied that I am sure that this healing will help her. As she already said many doctors now also believe in it and send people to healers. Especially for her kind of problem this energy can help. It can make you more aware of what is going on around and inside you. You can see the pattern of your own reactions and if you are more aware of this you can stay calmer. You can make yourself more calm.

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